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York Horse Racing: Betting Odds

Horse racing is much more than a sport as far as York and surrounding areas are concerned. It has been around for many decades and perhaps even centuries.

It is a household sport for money, and some of the best tournaments, cups, and plates are held in here. Hence, it goes without saying that each year and for each racing season it is quite possible that thousands of pounds could be spent on betting.

Therefore, it is but natural for the bettors and punters to look for the best advice as far as the various York horse racing events are concerned. That is what we will be doing over the next few lines.


York Horse Racing: Betting Odds


Understanding the basic tips and suggestions pertaining to horse racing is vital if you are keen on winning and making money from it.

There are quite a few things which must be kept in mind, and this starts by having a good money management strategy in mind.

However, you must understand what solid money management strategy is all about. To get an answer for this, you must know what optimal betting is all about. This is basically a mathematical principal.

This teaches you how to bet a part of your bankroll based on what is referred to as the edge over a particular racing game.



It is a simple formula which is a percentage of horses that do not win the races with the percentage of horses that win such races.

Then one should also have some idea about the average payout based on a single GBP. If this is understood well it would be easy to predict reasonably accurately about the odds pertaining to a certain horse winning or losing.

Now let us have a look a few such horse races and get to know more about the odds pertaining to some important races which are scheduled to be held in York




This is a 3-year-old bay colt and was foaled in the year 2013. It is trained by R Hannon, and the owner is Hamdan Al Maktoum.


York Horse Racing


It has done exceedingly well in its short career of nine races. It has come first in three times, having stood second three times and had a win percentage of 33.33%.

As far as the York race is concerned, it has an odd of 6/1 which means that it stands a good chance of winning the upcoming race. Hence, for every six pounds staked you could stand the chance of winning one.


Silver Line


Per Paddy Power, there are reasons to believe that Silver Line has a good chance of winning the next racing to be held at York. The race will be held at the Central Square, and Paddy Power offers an odd of 6/1 for this race. Let us look at the

When we talk about Central Square racing, there is one race which per Paddy Power is worth watching from close quarters.


York Horse Racing Odds York


It is Jockey Silk, and therefore it would be interesting to have a closer look at the performance of this horse. This is a three-year-old gray colt which was born in the year 2014. It has participated in six runs so far and has stood first on one occasion and has come third on one occasion.

Hence, it does not have an enviable record to showcase. However, there are many who believe that as far this race is concerned; it could be a dark horse in the true sense of the term.


Captain Colby


Captain Colby is a horse to watch out for, and it is four years old. It was born in the year 2012. It has taken part in 12 runs and has stood first in four races apart from coming third on one occasion.

This is an enviable record, and therefore there are reasons to believe that it could come up with a decent odd and could win the upcoming race at York at 3.45 pm.

Hence, it when it comes to identifying the right horse racing odds York there is reasons to believe that it might surprise quite a few. Therefore, it would be not a bad idea to bet heavily on this horse because it could come out as a surprise winner.


Dubai Horizon


This is a 2-year-old horse exhibiting a lot of promise, and therefore it is the favorite for the 4.20 pm race at York. For a £ 1 stake, it perhaps could fetch £ 2 which is quite attractive. It has taken part in two races and has come second on both the occasions.

Though it has a good record, it is still too early to look at this horse from a long-term perspective. It is trained by S Bin Suroor and owned by Godolphin.


Dawn Missile


This is a five-year-old Bay Gelding which has a reasonably good experience of taking part in 12 horses. It has stood first in three of them while coming second in two such races.



It also has come third on two occasions. So out of 12 races, it has secured positions in seven races which certainly is a good record.

However, it is untested stuff as far as York races are concerned it remains to be, how it is likely to perform at York in the upcoming races.




Finally, it would be interesting to have a closer look at Hibou. It has stood either first, second or third for a total of seven occasions out of twelve.


York Racecourse


It has come first on two occasions, second twice and third on three occasions. This is not a bad record, and, therefore, punters are hopeful that it will fetch them good returns, and so are the bookmakers.

Therefore, there are reasons to believe that it will be one of the most sought after and followed horse races in York in the next few days.

Hence, there is bound to be a lot of excitement and hope as far as the various horse races in York are concerned.


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