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The history of horse riding has been practiced over the centuries. It has its evidence written in the history of Greece, Babylon, Syria, and Egypt. The chariot racing had been a common practice as a form of the game.

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The evidence of chariot races is mentioned in the history of the Olympics in Greece in the year 648 BC.


The Short and Snappy History of Horse Racing


Along with the Olympics, there were the Panhellenic Games which were equally important. Though the races on the chariots were very dangerous still people as well as the rulers encouraged the game.

During the 15th century till the year of 1882, these races were very popular during those days. Various literary evidence has also documented the game of horse riding and races.



By and by the Bet 365 games of horse riding started changing its form and it gradually started implementing various focused skills and better strain of horses. The equestrian game reached to its boom when it was declared to be the sport of the kings by the British royals. The game was then taken up as a sign of aristocracy.


Various Forms of Horse Racing


As and when time passed various forms of races were initiated this included the flat racing, steeplechasing, harness racing and endurance racing. Now let’s have a quick look how the races differed from one another:


  • Flat racing: In this particular race the horses had to dash between two ends of either an oval of the straight field.

  • Steeplechasing: This is a race which required the horses had to cross various hurdles. This game was popular in the UK and Ireland.

  • Harness racing: In this race, the horse had to gallop, and along with it the horse pulled the rider in a huff.

  • Endurance racing: This particular race the horse had to cover an extended space which was normally between forty to one fifty kilometers.



Various Types of Betting in Horse Racing at Bet 365


The races became popular in leaps and bounds and along with it seeped in the involvement of money in forms of betting. People used to go to the arena where the races were conducted. This was popularly known as race courses, and it spread all over the world from US, Canada, Belgium, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, and Netherlands.


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It also became popular in the places of Poland, Australia, India, and New Zealand to Japan, China, and Hong Kong. It so happened that the horses had different names and anyone could bet on the particular horse he or she wanted to.

This was the type of betting which was followed in North America and at the end of the race the winner used to collect the winning amount.



However, the betting in Europe, Australia, and Asia was different since the size of the field widely varied from place to place and the number of horses taking part in the race also varied. So, the North American betting was different from the others. Hence the total process of the payout was different was also different.


The advent of betting exchanges


With the rising popularity of the horse racing the bookies also started more and more active and there came in the various betting companies who used to initiate the process of racing. Along with the various bookies and betting companies, another thing very prominent and that is the betting exchanges.


Online betting on Bet 365


The betting exchanges were also popularly called online betting. The match was conducted in the ground while the online betting helped people to have a close view at the contestants.

It gradually happened with the advancement of the technology. The bidder who is enthusiastic for gambling or betting could simply sit back at home, watch the match and bet for the contending horses and the particular matches which were conducted in the season.


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It is happening thing today, and the smartphones are making the process even easier. The applications are customized in such a fashion so that one can even travel while betting.

There are various online betting companies who initiated the whole process of online betting. To name a few are William Hill, Paddy Power, Betfair and Ladbrokes and Bet 365 also.

Bet 365 is a well known betting company, and they had been involved with various kinds of betting like the various casino games and other sports like cricket, football, tennis, golf and horse riding also. With Bet 365 horse racing one can have a hassle free experience of betting.


The Process One Has to Adopt for Online Betting


There are few things which are to be followed for going for online betting. The procedure is very simple. The first thing that one needs to do is understand the whole procedure and then identifying the company.

Then as per the general rule of all the online sites, you have to get yourself registered. Once the registration is done you can log in and get the detailed information of the matches, the timings, dates rather as a whole the whole schedule of the various tournaments are available on the sites.



The next thing is to select the horse and the jockey. The odds are all given categorically given the name of the horses and their jockeys. The lanes and the color of the dress of the jockey would facilitate you in distinguishing the jockey.

Once you are through with all these, then you can decide which one to go for. The results of the last tournaments are also furnished in Bet 365 horse racing which gives you a fair idea which is going to be most profitable for you.

The predictions which are given by the betting companies and the bookies are by far authentic since they are specialized in the field and also have years of expertise working on the statistics of the matches, the changes, and the outcome.

They know the system, and so the predictions are dependable also. Hence Bet 365 horse racing gives a hassle-free betting experience.


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