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HorseRacing has been in existence since these beautiful, adorable creatures were domesticated be it on the backs of these beasts or on drawn carriages. History points at the Greeks as the first to race on Horsebacks.

Today’s horse racing was birthed by King James in the 17th Century who had a liking to horse racing. This rapidly gained popularity among the English aristocrats.

Horseracing was at the time thought of as a “kings” sport. Horseracing to date borrows a lot from the17th Century from the sports rules and horse breeding culture which was looked into keenly while the sport took root in people’s lives.

Arabian native horses were sired with British horses producing amazing beasts. Breeds used were Byerly Turk and Darley Arabian among others.

Thanks to the World Wide Web era and modernity, the sport is gaining popularity through the internet and the media reaching a wide audience drawing more attention to itself.




Horseracing like soccer and golfing is now on top of the list of the sports watched and most bets placed on in the United Kingdom, Ireland and among the elites in developing countries.

Despite the popularity and thrills, the sport brings to its audience; it is faced with challenges similar to other sports such as corruption and drugs.


Various Types of HorseRacing Bets


There are various horseracing bets that people take part in. These are the common types of odds people bet with and are important know to anyone willing to partake in horseracing betting odds:




In the win bet, this is a case where you select a horse you presume will lead the race. Mostly a unit bet is normally $5. However, it totally depends on the betting group you choose to bet with.

This bet has its pros if you have studied the horses going in for a race. It could be more of a no-brainer, but it could also be a tricky pick as it only has one choice.




The number of runners guides how place betting is done. When runners are seven or more, you bet while picking which horses will take the first three positions.


HorseRacing Betting


When the runners are below seven, you predict which horses will take positions one and two. If your prediction was right, you would collect.

This could be a bearable odd because it is not strict in the positions of the horses racing but becomes tricky because of the options you have to work with.


Roll Win


This betting type just as the name suggests like a rolling pin. One bet is just not enough. You have to predict correctly which horses will win averagely two or three consecutive races for you to collect money.




Trio means three and this betting type takes you picking which three horses complete a race first, second or third in whichever order.



The beauty of this odd is the openness of just picking three horses taking the first three positions with no restriction to state which horse takes which position.




In the treble bet, you select the winning horses for three different races. This is similar to roll win and in a way, similar to win with higher stakes and more thrill and eventual good money if you made the right selections.

This is one of the multiples bets which can bring you awesome returns for simply predicting correctly.




In this horseracingbetting, the first three positions should be predicted in order this is the opposite of trio. This is also known as Tierce. It is one of the high-risk horseracing betting odds but totally worth it if you predict correctly.




As the name suggests. Meaning you have to place your bet predicting which four horsesracing will take the first four positions. The order in this race is not looked into. A flexible betting odd which needs proper thought in cutting out the best four beasts.




This is the opposite of Quadro. You have to correctly predict which four horse will finish first, second, third and fourth in a race. This needs a lot of thought to place four horses which will take the lead properly.




You forecast which two horses finish the race in position one and two in whichever order. This bet is also known as quinella and a bit easy to go by while betting.




A player places a bet on six winning horses in six different races. The jackpot prize has different rules and conditions depending on the race track.

Horseracing betting odds vary depending on the betting type you pick or the races of the day. Horseracingbetting odds help those interested in horseracing betting calculate how much money will be made by betting.

From the above explained, horseracing betting odds, one needs to be very knowledgeable while deciding to place a bet.




Your predictions should be well thought off and the horseracing betting odds you settle for should be based on a keen study of the horses and no bet should be made with emotions. You should also never bet with a revenge vendetta towards your opponent.

This is betting, and all you need is to beat the odds and win some cash. Placing your bet on your favorite horse increases the excitement and the thrill.

Selections made will always be determined by the odds available. It is thus wise to understand the various odds in the market and before betting always consider the odds of the day.


Which Online Bookies Have the Best Horseracing Betting Odds?


From the UK to Australia, there are different bookies that offer the horseracing events. However, not all the bookies will have the same events and the same odds.


HorseRacing Betting Odds


In the UK for example, William Hill online casino is known for having the best odds. On the other hand, punters from Australia will have Australia friendly websites that will offer better odds for members who are within Australia. This can be seen from Sports Bet million-dollar website.


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