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Horse Racing in Ireland

Horse racing is considered to be a royal sport. The game involves few horse riders who are popularly known as the jockeys racing in order to cover the stipulated distance and win in the competition.

The horse racing is regarded as one of the ancient sports and among all the horse riders the one who is the fastest among all is labeled as the winner. 

There are numerous countries that practice horse racing sports. They have founded their own rules and regulations depending on their own traditions on horse riding.

Much of it varies on the types of breeds, the race surfaces and the distance to be covered. In the recent year’s, horse racing has become very important because of its association with gambling.


Horse Racing Ireland


The horse racing Ireland is supposed to be a governing body that regulates the horse racing spot in the beautiful islands of Ireland. 

The governing body aims at making Ireland the world-famous place for horse breeding and racing. The sport is based on all Ireland basis which means that horse riding Ireland is practiced both in the republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland as well.

The republic of Ireland has got twenty-four race courses where the northern part has got only two race courses.  The British horse racing authority does not have their extension to the Northern Ireland.



The horse racing Ireland was founded in the year 2001 after it succeeded the Irish horse racing academy.  It has got control over all the regulatory functions along with promotional events.

Mr. Joe Keeling is the chairman, and Mr. Brian Kavanagh is the CEO. The horse racing in Ireland contributes a large amount of money to the economy of the island.

Betting and bloodstock sales mark an increase in the growth in the Irish economy. It has got the four famous racecourses which are listed down below:


  • Fairyhouse

  • Leopardstown

  • Navan

  • Tipperary



The Legendary History of Horse Racing in Ireland


Ireland is said to have got a very rich history when it comes to horse racing in Ireland. Point to pointing is said to have originated in the island and jump racing scores more in popularity in Ireland than flat racing.

The jump racing is popularly known as the national hunt racing in Ireland. In this kind of race, the horses along with the riders will have to overcome bigger hurdles and obstacles and are ordered to cover long distances.

The horse racing in Ireland is so popular that every single year thousands of horse racing fans flocks together to the island of Ireland to enjoy and live the greatest event of the year which is famously known as the Cheltenham festival.



It is a highlighted event that takes place every year. The horse racing in Ireland is famous as it owns and breeds horses of best quality which tend to dominate the whole event. Ireland has got the world famous Thoroughbred horse breeding industry.

Coolmore stud is the world’s largest thoroughbred stud, and the main farm is located in Ireland itself. In the recent times, the Irish horses have won large numbers of horse racing in Ireland.  Many of the trained riders have brought victory to its native island by winning the Epsom Derby.


Ireland Horse Racing in Gambling Industry


The horse racing in Ireland has become world famous because of its royal history, and the most entertaining events are held every year.

The famous and the active members engage themselves into betting and other slots games. The members visit with their families. It is a perfect season for entertainment.  You can register your name online via their website.


Horse Racing In Ireland


You need to provide all the necessary details they have asked for and create your own account via which you can book your seat and logging facilities. You can also view the results of the race events from your account. After a period of time, you will be reminded for the renewal of the account.

The horse racing Ireland provides their clients with all the necessary information like that of the agencies and the corporations related to horse racing. 

To make it easier for the people they have incorporated different horse racing sections and categories. Several people gamble horse racing events, and those who win are given huge points and benefits. 



The horse racing in Ireland mainly aims at creating a vibrant and successful business that would operate on a commercial scale that would allow each of the tracks to get benefitted from the streams of income which are linked with betting and sponsorship.

Their service ensures that they are the best among all when it comes to the quality of horse racing in Ireland and services provided to their customers.

This goal is achieved by having a good communication and conversation with the customers and gradually improving their services.

They also aim at improving the quality of the horse racing products particularly putting much importance on the fixtures, events for horse racing and deciding on the prices.



They also aim at enhancing their facilities on the race course for the betterment of the stakeholders. They also provide proper guidance to the horse owners so that the horses are given proper care and treatments.

Ireland has made an important mark in the international field for producing the world’s best horses and also for the best horsemanship. 

This status is achieved after a long trial and error method with extreme care and proper husbandry. They strictly maintain the policy where it is mentioned that the owner is strictly responsible for the welfare of the horses.

People who want to gamble must have their own state betting license, and they will have to provide proper and authentic bank statements.

The person also needs to give a security deposit amount. There are many rules and regulations that need to be followed as it is a legal betting event. Proper insurance cover of the person is also asked by the authorities if he wants to bet in the event.


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