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Ladbrokes: Grand National Odds

If you are a lover of horse racing, then it is quite likely that you would have come across the much talked about and highly popular grand national horse race. It is a national hunt horse racing event that is held annually. It is held at Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool in England.

Ladbrokes Horse Race Betting

The first race was run way back in 1839, and therefore in another 22 years, it will be completing 200 years. It is a horse race which is very much looked forward to. Hence, there is no doubt that there is a lot of things to expect as far as the odds are concerned.

This is because the Grand National horse generates a lot of interest and therefore there is heavy betting on the event. Almost all leading bookmakers and service providers offer the best possible odds and other tips. In this article, we will try and have a look at Ladbrokes horse racing.

This certainly will help to have a decent idea about the various horses and how they are going to fare as far as the next event is concerned.


Ladbrokes: Grand National Odds


There are many ways and means by which one can get to know more about the Ladbrokes Grand National prices.

There are literally endless websites which offer the best possible information about this event. They share information about the most favorite horses, their favorite track records, the trainers, jockeys and other such pertinent information.



Hence, it certainly would be a great way to have a decent idea about the various horses on which bookmakers could stake their money.

As a punter, you must spend some time with some of the best bookmakers, and there is no doubt, that Ladbrokes certainly has quite a few things to offer. Hence, let us try and have a look at the various horses which have been chosen by Ladbrokes as far as this horse racing event is concerned.


Vieux Lion Rouge


According to most bookmakers including Ladbrokes, there are reasons to believe that Vieux Lion Rouge is the favorite to win. It has an odd of 12/1, and it certainly is a highly skilled and talented horse. It has a rich track record, and it has till now taken part in 21 runs.


Ladbrokes Grand National Odds


It has come 1st on 11 occasions, 2nd on one occasion and 3rd of three occasions. Therefore, there are many reasons to believe that this could be one of the biggest favorite as far as this race is concerned. Hence, it will be a horse which will be closely watched. The trainer is D. Pipe, and the name of the jockey is still not known.


Definitely Red


Definitely Red is one more horse which according to many customers has a great chance of winning though it has an odd of 16/1. It has taken part in 19 races and has won 11 of them. It has come second 4 times and has stood third 1 times.

Therefore, out of 19 races, it has been able to get some position 14 times which is creditable indeed. Hence, it is worthwhile to bet on this horse, and many punters are ready to do it.


The Last Samuri


This is another quality horse to watch out for, and it is generating quite a bit of interest as far as the Grand National odds are concerned. Ladbrokes must have done quite a bit of research to find out more about this horse. It also has a good track record and has so far participated in 18 races.



It has stood first in eight of these races and has an impressive record of five-second places apart from being placed third on two occasions. Hence, in total it has a total of fifteen places out of eighteen races which are impressive for any length of imagination.

It has an odd of 16/1 in its favor which according to many punters may be a bit of injustice to The Last Samuri given the brilliant track record which it enjoys.


One for Arthur


This is an eight-year-old Bay Gelding and is trained by Miss Lucinda V Russell. The horse is owned by Two Golf Widows. It also has an odd of 16/1 and has an interesting track record as far as its overall wins are concerned. It has run a total of 18 races and has come first in six of them.

Further, it also has stood second three times and has come third on five occasions. It has a win percentage of 33.33% and therefore is a horse to watch out for. On its given day, it could surprise everyone and walk away with the top honors.


The Young Master


This is again an eight-year-old bay gelding horse foaled on March 28, 2009. It has won a total of 35 races during its entire career.



It has come first on nine occasions and stood second on two occasions and third on two occasions. This is a reasonably good record and based on its track record it has been able to get odd of 20/1.

Though this may not be the best of odd in such a tough competition, it might not be right to write off this horse given the fact that it is a highly talented horse and under the training of N P Mulholland. So, let us wait and watch if the odd offered by Ladbrokes to The Young Master is correct or not.


Ucello Conti


Ucello Conti is a nine-year-old bay gelding horse trained by G Elliot and owned by Simon Munir and Isaac Souede. The horse has taken part in a total of nine races and has not stood first in any race. However, it has two-second places and one-third place to its credit.


Ladbrokes Grand National Prices


It also comes with an odd of 20/1 according to Ladbrokes, and there are many punters who may not exactly agree with it. The above will give an idea as far as the various Ladbrokes Grand National odds are concerned.




Apart from the above, there are other names, like Blaklion, Foxrock, Tenor Nivernals, and Pleasant Company, who also have a reasonably good chance of creating an upset on their given day.


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