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Becoming the high roller in horse racing is both prestigious and a full-time occupation itself. If you gamble on actual horse racing, then it means you will get the chance to participate in National Thoroughbred Racing Association’s events.

If you want to play online, then the high-roller status will provide you with joining the elite club of the bookmaker that comes with its own lucrative parks.

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Apart from growing a keen knack of understanding the horse racing pricing for today, being a high roller also involves honing your skill in handicapping, learning a lot by books and by interacting with master bettors, and picking out the odds quite efficiently. The following points will briefly show you how to do it


Understand the Individuality of the Horses


Whether you are participating in Kentucky Derby or Ascot Festival, the individual characteristic of each horse is a significant point to learn. It's gender and breed can be stepping stones to grasp if you are quite determined to grow as a high roller.

Also, if a seasoned patron of the race is showing an inclination towards a specific pony suddenly or planning to buy it out, it shows that the horse has the potential to win the race.

You can read the horse racing pricing for today quite effortlessly but can you gauge out the workout sheet of the pony with equal panache?


horse racing prices


If not, then start to learn by heart, the speed and the performance of the horse in training schedule.


Compare Different Angles


You must agree with this: the gambler who is burning midnight’s oil to learn the game, is dead serious about winning the bet. And the best method to do is to follow the rule of elimination, to select the winning pony.

Now one may ask – how accurate can be the process? Pretty would be the answer, if you maintain the comparing different angles closely.


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To do it better, you should create at least 11-12 criterions against which- you can compare the performances of three chosen ponies.

From each horse’s record on running on the grass/dirt/synthetic track to the performance of relative jockey in the last 20 matches or more; from the layoffs of the horse to its finishing in various classes of racing; you should include them all in the criterions.

The above method is quite traditional, so for the gamblers fond of exotic wagers may find it boring. But if you have the limited means and quite sensitive about the horse racing prices - then this process should be appealing to you.

Also, keep note that it may happen that two horses fulfill all the criterions. In that case, back the horse with the highest performing trainer.


Expand Your Network


Horse playing is not only limited to winning or horse racing prices. It’s a wonderful game that engages both your brain and your heart. So, if you are not passionate about it, then you can never win big on the play.

Apart from learning the technical nitty-gritty, you must expand your network. The iconic horse racing clubs in the world host workshops for potential patrons of the game frequently. Attend them and learn new facets.

Even if you are more comfortable in playing via online bookmakers such as Ladbrokes, bet365 or Sporting Life- you can form your own group in social networking sites or join one.


horse racing prices for today


There is another beautiful concept called ‘Parlay Bet.' Here friends and acquaintances can bet a measly sum on each horse respectively.

The winning sum or losing one will be divided among each equally. Now isn’t it quite a good way to build new relationships and making buddies in the circle?


Study About the Variables of Racing


The variables such as tracks, the weather conditions as well as the distance the horse has to cover- can change the outcome of the game completely.

Do you know that the European horses are more comfortable running on the soft surface and the American ones are on the hard surface? This very method called ‘track bias.'



If you are an expert bettor, you will include this variable when you are planning the strategy to bet on the winning horse. Reading deeply about turf types will surely enlighten you more on the topic of ‘track bias.'

Apart from track bias, the weather is again a big deterrent that may lead a variation in the result of the race. Apart from being serious about horse racing pricing today, the weather of the day is highly crucial. Even if it rains little bit or the wind blows strongly, your favorite pick’s performance can easily be swayed.

Some horses can race around twelve furlongs with gusto, while the others have the highest limit restricted to 6 furlongs only.

So, apart from pondering over the performance of the jockey, the trainer, the horse and their past records; the distance of the racing course the pony has to cover should be taken into account too.


Internalize Different Bets and Payouts


There are generally straight bets and exotic bets in the horse racing.



While the straight bets include the show, place, win; the exotic wagers have different names like Quinella, Exacta and so on.

If you are going for the live betting, you need to memorize the actual values of these bets before you go to the window.

Do you know that Trifecta means that you can bet on three horses simultaneously who will finish in exact orders of first, second and third?

In similar fashion, ‘win’ means your pony will come out topper of the race. As the horse racing pricing today, the payouts are equally important. This applies both online and offline.

If you are going for the first option, then a reputed bookmaker will offer you with sign-up bonuses, nice payouts, and free flight tickets among all the other gifts. In the live race course, to calculate your payout, learn the mathematics of counting the odds first.

Being a high roller is a dream position for many gamblers. Even if you start off casually, with right dedication and attitude, you can join the elite club. But setting goals and curbing temptation should come with the winning the title, too.


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