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Free Bets on Grand National Horse Racing

Grand National horse racing is the biggest steeplechase in the world. Simply put, when it comes to horse racing, it does not get any bigger and better than the Grand National.

When people think of horse racing, they think of exotic locations such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other parts of the Middle East where horse racing is a revered sport.

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However, to experience the thrill of horse racing, you do not have to book an expensive ticket to fly all the way down to the Middle East. All you have to do is tune into the Grand National horse racing event and place a bet.

After all, betting on a sport is one of the best ways to enjoy the thrill, the suspense and the excitement that the sport has to offer.


Betfair Grand National Free Bets


One of the betting websites that you can trust when it comes to free bets on the Grand National is Betfair. Even if you have the slightest bit of experience with online betting, you must have heard or read of the name Betfair before.

It is currently one of the largest online betting platforms in the United Kingdom and ranks right up there with the likes of bet 365, Ladbrokes and William Hill. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of punters who actually prefer Betfair above the three big names mentioned.

Betfair Free Bets on Grand National

Unlike a lot of other betting websites, Betfair are actually interested to help you win instead of shoving a sales pitch down your throat.

At this moment in time, they are offering a wonderful £5 bet for punters who choose to bet on one of the four favourites in the Grand National (Big Fella Thanks, Mon Mome, The Package and Black Apalchi).

This free bet is applicable for the readers of the Daily Mail. All you have to do is fill in your personal details and sign up with Betfair.

Another way of acquiring free bets on Betfair is by placing an initial bet of £10 in order to be rewarded with additional money (up to £30) in free bets.


Grand National Free Bet at Paddy Power


Paddy Power is another fantastic platform for punters who want to get started with sports betting. Thus, it comes as little surprise that Paddy Power is offering a highly desirable offer of £30 in free bets on the Grand National.

Paddy Power Horse Racing Free Bets

All you have to do is sign up with Paddy Power and make first bet £10. This is just one of the many reasons why you should have an account here.


Free Bets on Horse Racing at Ladbrokes


Ladbrokes is extremely popular with sports punters in Britain and those around the world.

Ladbrokes Horse Race Free Betting

If you use particular promo codes, you will be able to unlock the £50 free bet offer after betting a minimum of £5.


Betting on Grand National


Betting on Grand National Horse Racing is something that most bettors, punters and even people who lack experience in the field of betting find irresistible.

Since this is the biggest steeplechase in the entire world, bettors or interested potential bettors are well aware of the fact that betting on Grand National Horse Racing is highly lucrative. In other words, people place their bets on this event in lieu of hefty rewards and prize money that is promised by the bookmakers.

Bet on your horse!

More often than not, bettors are not disappointed. There have been countless cases where fresh punters, who are completely new to the sphere of sports betting and have never been involved in such activities, have walked away with incredible prizes after winning their bets.

Then again, you have regular and professional punters who have mastered the art of excelling at the Grand National, who are always on the lookout to add more accolades to their betting resume.

In other words, this event draws the attention of both the inexperienced bettors, as well as those bettors who have developed a knack of bringing home the “grand prize” after placing bets on the winning horse.


Why Go for Free Bets?


If you are new to sports betting and aren’t exactly sure of how much money to invest, then you need to avail one of the many free bet offers that are out there for the Grand National.

Free bets are welcomed by every punter, but they are particularly useful for bettors who are new to the stage. This is because a lot of the new punters are reluctant to put too much money at stake on their first bet.

New bettors often go through the motions when placing their first bet and are likely to feel that they do not exactly have a grip over things. This forces them to keep their money in their pockets and watch other punters make their moves.

Bookmakers and sportsbooks are well aware of this negative attitude that new punters have towards placing their first bet. As a result, they have come up with alluring free bet offers for punters who need a safety net to get off to a good start in their betting endeavours.


Finding Free Bet Offers


Horse racing may not be the most popular sport in the United Kingdom, but there are a lot of betting websites that are offering free bet deals for new punters and experienced punters on the Grand National.

It is after all the biggest competition of its kind and hence attracts the attention of several bookmakers around the world, especially those in the United Kingdom. It is important for you, as a new punter, to develop the ability of distinguishing the mediocre websites from the good ones.

Some bookmakers in the United Kingdom are notorious for being tricksters. They will not lie to your face, but they will trick you into going for deals that have hidden costs attached. If there aren’t any hidden costs, you may fall prey to deceptive terms and conditions that do not play in your favour at all.

This is why it is extremely important that you only sign up with the best horse racing websites in the United Kingdom. These sites are known to offer great free bet deals that you can have complete faith in.


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