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Horse racing is an old sport that is known to have taken place since humans tamed the horse. Today, there is numerous horse racing activities across UK and Ireland, and in all, there are punters placing bets on horses.

For a newbie in the horse betting industry, you will be required first to understand the terms used in the Racing Post horse racing results.

This guide will help you at the tracks as well as in the virtual horse betting world as terms used in both are same. You will also be in a position to choose a proper bet and to calculate your profits for each odd you pick.


Types of Horse Races


There are two types of the horse race in UK and Ireland, namely the flat racing and the national hunt racing. In the flat racing, the horses are required either to run in a straight line or round a track.

This form of racing tests the jockey’s skill and reaction time. The length of the track varies from 1006m (five furlongs) to 2 miles.



The track is usually made of natural grass or synthetic grass. The national hunt, on the other hand, is complicated as there are obstacles to deal with on the track.

The national hunt racing is more exciting and dangerous as obstacles include fences, open ditches, and water jumps. It is further divided into hurdles and steeplechases.

The difference between the two is that in the steeplechases, the fences are higher and more solid as compared to those on the hurdles. Further classifications are done according to the age and the experience of the horses.


horse racing  history



Types of Bets


There are different ways to bet when it comes to horse racing. Below are some of the common bets and how they work, and before one can decipher how they work, you will need to know the two types of prices involved in horse racing.


Early prices vs. Starting Prices


When betting at the bookmakers’ site, you can opt for either an early fixed price or the starting price. The early price is the stake that you will place before the race commences and you will not be allowed to change it. The starting price, on the other hand, is that stake that you place when the race commences.


Horse Racing  starting price


Depending on your bankroll, it is advisable that you split your bet and place an early price and the rest of the starting price.

The Racing Post horse racing results types of bets include betting to win and as its name implies, it is a straight bet, with a fixed odd.

In this bet, you will have chosen your outright winner for the event. Betting each way, on the other hand, is a two-in-one bet.

It covers the bet you have placed on your horse and its position at the end of the race. If your horse wins but you had placed a wrong position then you will win only once.

Another type of bet common in the bookmakers is the place bets. It is different from the each way bet in that it is a single bet.

You will be required to bet on only the position your horse attains. The payout is same for any position your horse of choice attains at the end of the race.

The forecasts/ tricasts are other types of bets in horse racing today. In this case, you will be required to indicate the horses that will attain the first three position at the end of the race.


forecasts/ tricasts


This bet is harder compared to a straight bet but has huge payouts. The reverse forecast/tricasts is another special type of horse racing bet. In this case, you will not be required to specify their positions correctly, unlike the forecasts and tricasts.

The stakes, in this case, are also high compared to the first two types of bets. Accumulators are also common in horse betting, and it is betting on a horse to win more than one race.

They include the doubles and trebles. Its payout will depend on the accumulated races but the odds to win such bets are low.

Under the accumulators, there are combinations like the Trixie that involves choosing 3 horses across different races and then all other combinations follow.

To win a Trixie, you will be required to have two of the three horses winning the race. The Yankee, on the other hand, is similar to Trixie but involves 4 selections.

Finally, the Super Yankee is another type of horse racing accumulator bet but involves 5 selections.


How to Use the Racing Post Horse Racing Results to Win Subsequent Bets?


It is very difficult to make a living out of betting, and it should be treated as a leisure activity. There are a number of ways that will improve your likelihood of winning the horse racing bets.


Racing Post: Horse Racing Results


There are tons of stats and information on various horses racing at a particular event. First, study the form of the horse before betting on it. Check its performance in the previous races.

If a horse indicates a continuous winning streak, then it is likely to win hence making it a favorable bet to choose.

Check also the weight of the horse, race class, condition of the trainer among others. Following the odds to is another way that you can improve your likelihood to win.

The odds indicated by various bookmakers will vary depending on the horse. A horse with low odds indicate its likelihood to win, and that will save you tons of research.

For instance, if the odds of a horse lowers, then it indicates improvements and punters can back the horse by staking. This strategy will give a decent value bet at the shortest time possible even for a newbie.

There are many tipsters who can offer ready data before an event. Go through such sites for more information on the condition of the horses taking place in the event.

Through such sites, you will also find best bookmakers listed and the odds they offer and the horse racing events they cover.


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