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Ladbrokes Horse Racing is one of the best and reputable online sportsbook website in the UK. The online casino offers various online casino services including horse racing, sports betting as well as the casino games such as roulette, blackjack, slots among many other games played online.

In this article, we are mainly going to focus mainly on the Ladbrokes horse racing odds as well as tips that will help you in picking winning horses only. If you carefully and correctly try some of the points below, you are guaranteed of winning the Ladbrokes horse racing bets that you place.


Ladbrokes Horse Racing Tips


There are thousands of books, articles or journals that will be giving you an insight on how you can pick the various Ladbrokes horses.

They will give you differing opinions on how you can pick the Ladbrokes horse racing odds but they will not go into details on how you can select a good Ladbrokes horse, a horse that has a higher chance of winning.

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For this article to remain relevant, we’ll just go through the handicapping (or, more simply, picking) tips. The main objective will be to give you sufficient information so that when you visit a race track, you will not be picking the Ladbrokes horses randomly.


Tip #1: Familiarize yourself with the race event


Your ability to successfully handicap the Ladbrokes horses will greatly be influenced by your eagerness of reading the race day program.

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The guide will usually contain information that you can use to place smarter bets. In the guide, you will find sections of each race that will be taking place that day.

It will usually have the history as well as the statistics of the various horses. As a novice, you may find the lingo and line of number in the guide a little bit intimidating but with time, you will get acquitted with it.


Tips #2: Look at the classes under which the horses have been racing at


In horse racing, there are usually different classes in which the horses compete. High classes will usually have better performing horses as compared to the lower ranked horses.

Ladbrokes Horses

In horse racing, there are usually four main classes; the stake races, the allowance races, the claiming races and the maiden races. In most of the racetracks, they will usually try to have races of the same caliber.

Throughout the year, the horses will either move up or down the classes depending on how they’ve been performing and in some cases, the change in class can affect whether the horse will win or lose a race.


Tip #3: Past Performance on the surface type


Different racetracks will have different surfaces that the horses will run on. There are racetracks that will have natural dirt and grass while some will have synthetic “all-weather” racetracks. A horse will perform differently when subjected to different race tracks.

There are horses that love the dirt tracks while there are those that love the artificial race tracks. If a horse has a track record of performing well in a dirt track and is placed on a synthetic race track, you might want to remove him from your betting list.


Tip #4: Consider the Ladbrokes horse racing odds


For each and every race, the horses will have different odds. The odds will simply be placed next to its name in the Ladbrokes horse racing odds program. The horse that is favorite to win will usually have the lowest odds of winning.

Ladbrokes Horse Racing Odds

While in most instances the performance of the horse does not assure you of future results, statistics indicate that over time going for the particular race will pay of is you:

  • Place a bet of the favorite to win, he will pay 33% of the time

  • Wager on the favorite horse to pace (in this case come in as the first or second), the favorite will pay off 53% of the time

  • Place a bet on the favorite horse to show (come in as the first, second or third), the favorite will pay off 67% of the time

Therefore, if you are looking for the easiest way to handicap horses which will give you a very good chance of a return of your money, just wager on the favorite horse to show.


Tip #5: Watch the horses from the Paddock


This is my favorite way of placing bets and handicapping a horse. Before a race begins, the horses will usually be paraded around in an area of the racetrack called the paddock.

This is usually aimed at giving you a chance of looking at the physical attributes of the horse as well as seeing how it behaves before the start of every race.

Examine if the horse if peppy and keen to take on the race track. Check if your preferred horse if sweating a lot or if he’s okay. A sweating horse can be spotted with a big dark splotch on his coat.

Ladbrokes Horse Racing Money Back

A horse that is sweating could be indicating that he is nervous to race or he could be having problems with his kidneys and you might want to pass him.

These are just among the few tips that will increase your chances of winning while playing at the Ladbrokes Horse Racing events. As a parting shot, it is critical that you understand the horse racing jargon.

Horse racing, just like any other sport has lots of phrases and words that you may not be familiar with. To successfully place a bet, you might want to familiarize yourself with these terms.

You should also have a set budget that you wish to spend while placing bets on the Ladbrokes horses. If you think that you might get carried away while betting, you can set limits on your account and Ladbrokes will be glad to help you adhere to the limits at no additional cost.


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