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Sky Bet Horse Racing Results and Tips

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Sky Bet horse racing is definitely the site to visit for the latest results and tips on horse racing. Horse racing is one of the most thrilling sports Owing to its unpredictable nature which guarantees you a surprising turn of events on each racing day of each racecourse in the world.



This is not a very good thing for punters as they frequently lose money, but they also win big on their lucky days. There are a number of Skybet tips that will ensure that you maximise your winnings and minimise your losses but first let us go to the day’s events.


Sky Bet Horse Racing Events


  • 1430 Newcastle – the Betfred Chipchase Stakes

  • 1445 Newmarket – The Tangent Office Furniture which supports the AHT Fred Archer Stakes

  • 1505 Newcastle –The Betfred TV Handicap

  • 1520 Newmarket – The Cambridge Magazine which supports the AHT Empress Stakes

The Sky Bet horse racing results will be updated fast as they occur. First, get some valuable tips from our professional horse racing tipsters that will keep you elated as you stake and win in the sport.


Sky Bet Horse Racing Results and Tips


Horse racing is not one of the easiest sports to bet and win. It contained lots of statistics and information that should be carefully looked at and analysed to guarantee any betting success.


Sky Bet Horse Racing Results


It is rare to find people who do not love the sport winning, unlike football and rugby. This is the kind that is only loyal to its people, and they make the big wins as they enjoy the sport; double victory, isn’t it?

The race cards can help you predict the outcomes. Horses are living and they affected by various factors. The weather, the nature of the racing surface and the progress of the horse in the season are major factors.

The horse racing non-runners are always there due to these factors especially the nature of the ground, and this explains the essence of the factor. Some perform best on soft ground when all the others are lagging behind while others prefer the ideal conditions. The information will help you to make a wise bet despite the odds.



You should always keep up with the non-runners list as they can cost you money if you end up betting on a non-runner. There are rules of compensation for such situations, but it is not worth the trouble.

The horses that are doubtful and rely on certain conditions require some level of attention since they can be withdrawn hence you end up with a spoilt bet. These few Sky Bet horse racing tips will improve your successes in the game.


The Sky Bet Horse Tips


The Royal Ascot is currently the focus of everyone but the weekend also has some exciting action in play for us. This is the analysis of the top horses on the tracks today that will guide your betting today. There is definitely no place like Sky Bet; it suits all your sports needs all in one site.



At York Stakes, Innocent touch and Modernism will be running, and this will surely be one hell of an amazing race. The innocent can be disappointing on a few occasions, and there is no known pattern of riding him that guarantees win. He is a favourite for the race, and you can place your money on him.

He has been given a good draw, and the results may be impressive. Modernism was beaten at Newmarket, but this was not a very good day for the horses. He should make a comeback this weekend.

At the JCB Handicap, Heaven’s Guest is marvelling at the season and has won a conditions race. However, we doubt he could win a Group Three and has to run off the 105 mark. Running him is not such good idea so you’d rather not place your money on him.

Supplicant has a greater chance of winning and has the opportunity to return to his level best. The rain could be ideal for the horse. 


Sky Bet Horse Racing


Withernsea also depends on the weather forecast. Luck has been against him twice this year hence he is quite unpredictable. However, rain would do a lot of good for him. Farlow is in a spectacular form at home, and this has been his best season.

Gabrial will run in the Ian And Kate Hall Macmillan Ganton Stakes and is likely to be quite competitive in this race. The character can decide to be cunning and unpredictable but has shown a more straightforward character this time round, and he could just be one of the surprise winners.

The 888 Charity Sprint Handicap also has a number of competitive horses lined up. Grandad’s World will be coming from a run of disappointing performances and is expected to make a good run after a week of gelding.

This will surely help him though the race is very tough and is the one to avoid. Bonds Girl had an impressive last season, and if she is at her best, she has the best of a chance of clinching the win.


Sky Bet Horse Racing Tips


She is not very big, and the others might have strengthened and surpassed her, but we are yet to see. Sarista got mad in the stalls in the last run, and a lot of effort has been put to her. She has a great reputation, but her behaviour will be a major factor in the race.

Ice Co-Supporting Macmillan Handicap has Mfiftythreedotcom, but the draw is quite difficult to beat. The rain would benefit this horse greatly, but this seems to be his last run. Will he make it count?

Novinophobia and Mister Zoff will be expected to pull a stunning performance in their debut in Reg Griffin Appreciation EBF Stallions Maiden Stakes.

The two are nice horses that seem ready to race. The transition from a childish horse to a racing horse is hectic, but we hope to see them win. The Sky Bet horse racing results will not surprise us much as these horses need the experience. These Sky Bet horse racing tips will guide you to making the recommended choices on this weekend.


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