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Horse Racing Betting Tips for Beginners

Horse racing is a favorite sport among many people and betting on horses is perhaps the oldest form of gambling. Many people are addicted to this sport.

Just imagine what an exotic feeling it must be to watch so many horses running down the tracks, and the crowds are cheering them to run faster. This sport has a universal appeal, and people all over the world have a penchant for this sport.


Horse Racing Betting Tips for Beginners


In horse racing, there are mainly two categories of betting tips. One is the straight wagers, and the other is the exotic wagers.

The straight wagers are different from the exotic wagers in their simplicity, and as they are cheaper, this becomes apparent from the two types of names that each one has.



Straight means simple and not expensive, whereas exotic means glamorous and expensive. The racing tips for beginners will recommend that if you are a novice, then it is better that you stick to the straight wagers and pick one horse that you think will come first, second or third.

As the straight wagers are cheap and the minimum bet is only two dollars, there is not much for you to lose in terms of money.


Exotic Wager


With Exotic wagers, you have the freedom to make multiple bets on multiple horses in a single wager. You must always keep in mind that straight wagers are much easy to win than exotic wagers.

With the exotic wagers, you have to have a depth of skill in terms of and profound knowledge in the choosing of the right horse and they are far more expensive. However, if you are lucky, then you can win a fortune if you bet on exotic wagers.


Straight Wagers


In straight wagers, you can bet on one horse only. The commonly used terms in straight wager are Win, Place, Show, and Across the Board and last but not the least Win/Place, Place/Show.

Under Win, you bet in order for your horse to come first and if your horse gets to finish first, you can collect your winning amount.

In Place, you bet that your horse would either come first or second and in either case you are able to collect the amount that you have won.

Under the Show, you have the chance to predict that your horse can either come first, second or third. In this situation as you have a higher chance of winning the amount is much less when compared to win or place as there your chances of winning were not as much.

In the special case of across the board which is also known as straight combo wager, you have the chance of betting your horse for all the three win, place, and show.



The across the board wager is an expensive bet as it includes three wagers. In a win/place wager just like across the board wager, you get a chance to make multiple straight wagers on a single bet.

As the name suggests in win-place wager, you have the chance to bet on your horse to win and place the two wagers about whose feature you are already acquainted.

In case your horse wins you get a chance to collect both the win money and place money. In case your horse comes second you can collect only the place money. In a place show bet, you are betting in order that your horse will place and show.

A win place and place show wager is very expensive because you have the chance of placing multiple wagers on the same horse in one single bet.


Types of Exotic Wagers


In exotic wagers, you have the chance to bet on multiple horses in a single bet. As a result, you have greater chances of winning and thereby making a huge amount of money.



However, the exotic wagers are very tough, and you require having the adequate and advanced skill and knowledge about picking the correct horse, and they are very costly. The few exotic wagers that you can experience with are discussed here:




In exacta, you can bet on two horses. If you bet on horse number five and predict that it will come first and if you choose horse number three and predict that it will come second that you will get to collect your winning amount if both the horses come first and second in the order of your prediction.




Unlike exacta in quinella you can bet on two horses to come first or second in any order. If you bet on horse number three and horse number five, then no matter which one comes first or second, you will be able to gather your winning amount provided they both secure the first and second position.




In this exotica wager, you bet on three different horses to come first, second and third in an exact order.



So, if you bet on horse number one predicting that it will come first, if you bet on horse number two predicting that it will come second and if you bet on horse number three predicting that it will come third you can collect yours pay off if the three horses come first second and third in the order of your prediction.




In superfecta, you bet on four horses to come first, second, third and fourth in and exact order like in exacta, and trifecta.

These are different of horse racing bets, and you have to choose from these bets if you want to participate in horse racing bets.



The horse racing betting tips for the beginners is that they should first try out with straight wagers and once they have enough experience they should move on to the exotica wagers.

Now that you have some idea about horse racing betting tips you can try out your luck at the horse racing and who knows you can become a multimillionaire overnight.


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