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Horse racing is a fantastic sport and one that is enjoyed by millions of people across the world. These events take place on a daily basis in different countries across the world and usually attract lots of people to watch as well as betting.

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Some sports companies that have specialized in offering the horse racing events including big names such as Paddy Power Games usually air these meetings.

They offer the live feed since betting while watching the events makes it even more enjoyable. People who indulge themselves in this activity not only do it for the money, but also for the excitement that they get from the events.

Paddy Power horse racing betting has proven itself as one of the popular and most preferred site due to its numerous betting options, very competitive odds, supper fast and stable streaming services as well as their reputation of fast withdrawal services.


What Are Some of the Bets You Can Place Through the Paddy Power Horse Racing Betting?


Like mentioned, Paddy Power Horse Racing has various bets that you can decide to choose when betting on your favorite horse. These bets are widely classified under the exotic and straight wagers.

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These bets are then subdivided under various sub-divisions making it easier for you to choose one which best suits your preference.


Paddy Power Straight Bets


The straight bets are the most common bets and they are highly recommended for beginners. They are easy to understand and cheap as compared to the exotic bets. In the straight bets, you simply choose the horse that will finish the race in first, second or third position.

In most of the online betting casinos including Paddy Power Horse racing, the minimum amount of money that you are allowed to stake is $2. When it comes to the straight bets, the following are the betting options.

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  • Win – When you add this to the paddy power horse racing bet slip, you shall be waiting on one of the paddy power horses that you’ve placed your money on to come in first place. If the horse comes out as the first one, you win the bet.

  • Place – Unlike the win bet, the place bet implies that the paddy power horses that you are supporting will come in first or second. If your prediction comes true, you win the bet. However, you need to note that the payout for this kind of bet will be less than the win bet but you will have the security of winning even if the horse that you are backing comes in the first or the second position.

  • Show – This bet is almost similar to the win and place bets but includes the third slot. This means that one of the paddy power horses that you are backing should finish in the first, second or the third position. Since you shall be hedging the bet, your chances of winning will be higher as compared to the win or place bet but the payout for this bet will be much lower as compared to the win or place bet.


Across the Board Bets


Across the Board – Is a type of Paddy Power Horse racing bet that you will be betting that the horse you are betting in shall show, place and win at the same damn time. This bet is also known as the “combo straight bet” since it combines the show, place and win bet in one.

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Since it’s a three in one bet, across the board bet is an expensive bet as compared to the win, place or show bet. For instance, a $5 across the board bet will cost you $15 since you shall be making three $5 bets.

If the horse you are betting on comes first, you win the bet as well as the place and show money. If your horse comes in second, you will win the place bet as well as the show bet while the third bet will only guarantee you the show bet.

Generally, across the board betting isn’t the right way to go as they tend to be expensive and have very low profit potential.


The Place/Show and Win/Place Bets


The Place/Show and Win/Place Bets – similar to the across the board bet, this bet allows you to place a multiple straight bet under one bet.

Paddy Power Horse Racing Betting

For example, in the win/place bet, you shall be betting that the horse shall win and place at the same time. If he comes in the first position, you shall collect the win money as well as the place money. If he comes in the second spot, you only get to collect the place money.

Similarly to the place/show bet, when you wager on the place/show bet on one of Paddy Powers horses, you win when the horse comes in the second position and collect the show money as well but you only get to collect the show money when the horse comes into the third position.


The Exotic Bets


These bets allow you to place bets multiple bets on different horses all under one bet.

Unlike the straight bets, the exotic bets are generally hard to win and will require a little bit of experience and knowledge when picking the horses and they are also expensive. 


Benefits of Using the Paddy Power Horse Racing Services


Just like we stated above, Paddy Power is known to offer very fast, efficient and competitive casino services and odds. In addition to these factors, Paddy Power will offer you a lucrative welcome bonus that will enable you have enough playtime in addition to increasing your chances of winning when playing with the bonus.

Moreover, you will have very friendly wagering requirements that you can meet when you want to withdraw the winnings. The security that you will be offered at the site is also top notch, and can only be compared to other online casinos such as Bet365, Ladbrokes and Coral.


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