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Amongst the various forms of gambling, apart from casino gambling, there is hardly any doubt that going in for horse racing is perhaps the most popular.

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During weekends, festival holidays and even during some specific days and weeks of the month, millions of dollars are staked in horse racing. There is hardly any doubt that the entire horse racing business is worth a few billion dollars. It has been around for many centuries.


Technology Has Been a Game Changer


However, the coming of age of the internet and other forms of communication has well and truly changed the way in which horse racing is perceived and played across the world. There are literally thousands of online betting sites which have thousands of customers wagering millions of dollars on different horse races held across the world.


GG Horse


There are the famous GG horse racing which are known for their highly attractive jackpot prizes. Hence, it would be interesting to know more about horse racing and how one should go about it if they are keen on making big money.


Types of Handicap and Profiteering


When we talk about horse racing, there are general ways as far as handicap and profiteering are concerned. When it comes to handicap, there are usually two ways which are used.

The first type of handicap is one where each race is done using various methods and/or systems. It could depend on the track bias, class, form and so son. These are done basically to find out the weaknesses and strengths of each horse.

Then you have the elimination methods where things like last allowed odds, morning line odds and other such things are considered.



This is done basically to filter out and remove horses which are weak. However, it would be pertinent to mention here that most players use daily racing form and the players usually spend years looking for handicap and the right elimination systems.

They go through each of them and compare them before discarding the unsuitable ones. Though this is time-consuming, it is fool proof.


Second Method of Handicap


As far as the second type of handicap is concerned, where there is more focus towards statistics including methods, means, and other such scientific techniques.

This is a system where there is a close and thorough comparison between various possible systems of handicaps. There could be many thousands of methods which could be in vogues. The comparison is made using different types of software and other solutions.

Through such comparisons, one can find out more about the weaknesses and strengths about the different types of handicaps. This allows the players and betters to save years of time which otherwise would have gone in coming with the most powerful and profitable methods.


It Is Time Tested and Reliable


Hence, this is often referred to a more reliable and proven method of handicapping takes. Though this could be a bit complex doing so will most certainly help the betters and punters to come out with the best possible secrets in various types of horse racing.

Once the player can identify the same, he or she is certainly a highly-leveraged position. It is akin to playing 10000 or 20000 races and then finding out as to the ones who have the worked the best.


How to Maximize Profits?


There are a few ways to which you can aspire to get the best GG horse racing results.


GG Horse results


To make this possible, it is important for you to find out ways and means by which you can maximize profit. This will be possible only if you can look at avenues to maximize profit for each and every individual race by looking at the race card personally.

You must scrutinize the odds on each horse which are on the tote. You must compare them considering attributes like profits, price and value. You have to understand that this has got nothing much to with handicapping. It is all about maximizing returns rather than picking up different varieties and types of horses.

You must focus on those horses which will be able to offer the best money making odds. This would depend on a few factors including wagering amounts that have been chosen by you.

In such situations, it would be better to wait till the passing of the zero minutes and only then you must post. This will certainly give you 60 to 190 seconds and only then will the gates be opened. The next important way to profit cap or maximize profit is to do it using figures and statistics.


GG Horse statistics


It is about being able to understand the type of money amount which one is talking about and the ticket formats and ticket prices which are being planned. It also would depend on various other factors such as the size of the bankroll in the beginning.

It should also consider the kind of profits which you will be able to make over the next 3 to 10 years. The wager which you have decided to play will also have an impact.


Choosing the Right One


Hence at the end of the day, it is about choosing the right Advanced Statistical Handicapping.


GG horse advanced stastistics


Both the options mentioned above and they can well and truly act as value-added text guides for all levels. However, they are particularly useful for those who have the required professional levels and advanced experience and expertise. One thing common to both these options is that are competitive as far as pricing is concerned.

However, it would be advisable to choose something which has a proven track record and has the best of systems and facilities and help you to be an overall winner instead of being considered as a loser.




There are many websites, blogs, community sites, and other such platforms where it could be possible to learn more about it and make the best possible remuneration out of various types and forms of horse racing.


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