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How to Bet on Horses (UK)?

The thrill players experience in Horse Betting makes it one of the most exciting sports today. You get to participate in cheering your horse to cross the finish line as the first.

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Not all people know how to bet on horses UK, and therefore, the guide below will offer you information on what you need to know about horse betting and strategies to apply.


How to Bet at the Window?


There is a procedure that you are expected to follow when betting at the window. When the clerk asks you the track, mention the track you are betting on. You will then be asked the wager, which you should state and hand in your stake.

You will also be asked the type of bet you are placing. You can choose the win or place or show depending on how well you know how to bet on horses. Finally, the clerk will ask you the horse number.

At the windows, there are also the Self-Automated Metuels which have touch screens where you can bet. You can choose any wager, and you are required to pay your bet using a twenty dollar’s bill, voucher or the winning ticket.

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If you are not near the track, there are online casinos through which you can place your bet. You need to verify whether it is a reputable and secure online casino to prevent theft.


How to Bet on Horses (UK)?


There are a number of techniques that you need to follow so as to learn how to bet on horses UK. First, familiarize with your track through personal observation. You can use binoculars to survey the tracks and before the race, you can step out onto the racing field.

You can also purchase the racetrack program that will give you information on all horses, jockeys and trainers. Buy the daily racing form while on the track. This form has the latest details on horses running the race. Take your time to study it as with time you will be able to understand the numbers written.

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It is essential that you study the different type of bets in the horse racing industry. Some of the common bets are Show, Place, Win, Quinella, Exacta, Trifecta and Superfecta. Study each type of bet to choose one that suits you. Make sure that you understand the odds and payouts in each.

To determine, how much you will win, take your stake (minimum standard bet is $2) and multiply by the first number and then divide by the second number in the odds. Investigate the history of the horses you prefer to bet on. Check the horse’s workout speeds to know whether she is consistent or not.

How to Bet on Horses UK

Check the sex of the horses and study shows that males are faster than females. After that selection, prepare your bankroll for the games. Do not bet more than you can afford. 


Straight Wagers in Horse Racing


The straight wagers are suitable for players who are learning how to bet on horses. This bet is easy as it allows one to bet on one horse only. There are a variety if wagers that you can choose in the straight bets. They include: WIN, PLACE, SHOW, and ACROSS THE BOARD wagers.

The winning wager means that your bet is on one horse, and it should complete the race being the first for you to win. The place bet, on the other hand, is a gamble on one horse that it will attain position one or two. The chances of winning this wager are higher than the win bet.

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The payout is small in this case. The show bet is a straight wager bet that allows you to bet on one horse to attain either position one, two or three. The payout is lower than in the place bet, and there is a high likelihood to win.

Across the board bet allows you to bet on your horse to WIN, PLACE, and SHOW. It is also called the combo straight wager because it is made up of three different bets. Since it is a combo of three bets, it is expensive than other wagers.


Exotic Wagers in Horse Racing


Exotic wagers in horse betting allow you use a single bet to bet on multiple ponies. This type of bet has a huge payout, unlike the straight bets. However, the odds of winning the exotic wagers are small.

You need to practice on how to bet on horses for some time using the straight wagers before attempting the exotic bets. This wager is further classified into EXACTA, QUINELLA, TRIFECTA and SUPERFECTA.

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  • The EXACTA is a type of an exotic wager whereby you will be allowed to be on two ponies. These ponies should be number one and two at the end of the race in that order. For instance, if you stake $5 on horses 5 and six then you will win if horse number 5 came in first and six the second. This bet has a huge payout, therefore, making it attractive for expert handicappers.

  • QUINELLA bet offers a player the opportunity to bet on two horses to attain the first two positions without any order. It is only valid if both horses occupy the first and second positions at the end of the race. So if your stake on quinella was $3 on horse 4 and seven you will win if they attain positions one and two.

  • The TRIFECTA bet allows one to choose three horses which should finish at the first, second and third positions in that exact order. This implies that if you bet on horses 1,6, and nine then you will win if horse 1 attained the first position, horse 6 came in second, and horse nine as the third horse to cross the finishing line.

  • The SUPERFECTA bet makes it possible to bet on four ponies. The four horses should finish the race in the exact order as your bet or else the bet is void. The minimum you can stake in this type of bet is 10-cents making it attractive for most skilled players.


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