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To be successful at horse racing games online, you really have to be knowledgeable on the sport as well as have the necessary skills. A basic understanding of the horse racing games odds is vital, as well as understanding the idea of value and know how to find it.

You also need to be familiar with the different kinds of bets that you can place on a horse race. Having good discipline is crucial as well, especially when it comes to managing your bankroll.

Of course, you will also be required to pick the winning jockeys. It is not necessary that you be an experienced horse racing expert to make some money from the game, but you really have to have an understanding on how you can estimate the horse’s odds of winning the race.

No matter how good you are at making the estimates, you will not always make the correct prediction, but you can always increase your chances of winning if you have a clue of what you are looking for. 


Horse Racing Games Rules


In horse racing games, there are no fast or hard rules about how you can rate a horse’s chance in any given race. In fact, as you continuously participate in the horse racing games, you will know the horse racing games to play as well as come up with your own strategy based on past racing experiences.

However, you are required to know some basic horse racing strategies which will help you increase your chances significantly. Some of these basics are elaborated below.

Before you can proceed, it is important that we mention to you that you don’t have to study form guides or carry out in-depth research so that you can enjoy placing your bets on the various horses.

Very many people really enjoy placing their bets on horse races basing their bets on the name of the horse, the color of the horse or how built the horse is. There is no wrong to use this method to select your horse as you may end up being lucky more often than not.

However, if you want to be serious and make some serious money from the horses, it is critical that you put your thoughts in the bets that you select.


The Basics to Horse Racing Games


The very first thing that you need to always remember when you are choosing horse racing games to play is that anything can happen. The favorite isn’t always guaranteed of winning, even if they outdo all the other horses on the track in all aspects.

In fact, in most scenarios, the favorite will only win 30% of the time. This is what largely makes horse racing games online so much exciting – the outsiders also have an opportunity of winning at very good odds. Theoretically, any horse on the racetrack has a chance of winning the race.

In the horse racing games online, the ultimate secret isn’t working out which horse has the best chance of winning, but which of the horses are more likely to win against the odds. This is what value betting entails, betting on a horse when the horse’s odds are longer that they are supposed to be.

All the bookmakers aren’t perfect when it comes to setting odds, and there are loopholes that you can use to make some money out of it. If you happen to spot one of such loopholes, you should certainly take it and make some money out of it.

The challenging part, however, is coming up with a way of selecting which horse has the highest likelihood of winning. There are various ways that you can use to come up with this, even though there isn’t a scientific way involved.

The factors and unknowns involved are so many that it makes everything that you will come up as a mere speculation. There is, however, no reason why you can’t make an accurate speculation, though.


Horse Racing Tips


To figure out the likelihood of a horse winning a race, you should consider a number of factors. The more information you take into consideration, the higher the chances you will come up with an accurate speculation.

Some of the factors below have helped many come up with accurate approximations though they may not be applicable to all the horse racing games online.

There is no particular order or pattern that you should follow when making your evaluation; it's just a simple guide to the things you should consider when you want to select horse racing games to play:

  • The current form of the horse. How many wins or loses has the horse had in the past few races?

  • The current form of the trainer. Does he/she have a good past record of producing top jockeys?

  • The current form of the jockey. How many races has he/she won in the last few races?

  • The course record of the horse, jockey and trainer. What is their course record ever since they started working as a team?

  • The weather conditions. Will they have an impact on the event? Will they affect how the race track will be?

  • The weight of the jockey. Will it affect the speeds at which the horse will run? Is the jockeys weight directly proportional to the horse?

  • The overall form of the horse. Has the horse been winning ever since it started racing? How many times has featured in the top three?

Most of the detailed information on the factors above are usually contained in a form guide which is usually sold at the event.

Moreover, there are numerous websites online that have detailed records of the trainers, jockeys, horses and the race tracks. The websites will also have information on the record of the horses.


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