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Virtual Horse Racing (Betting Systems)

Horse racing bets can be accessed from anywhere so long as one has joined any of the various virtual horse betting sites. The guide below will give you different approaches to be used by players depending on their level of horse betting.

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You will also be in a position to distinguish the many horse betting wagers. Ensure that you put the tips into practice to have a successful, safe virtual horse racing betting.


Virtual Horse Racing Betting for Beginners


Once you join the grandstand to bet on horses, there are basics that you need to learn. To begin with, the smallest stake accepted in horse betting is $2. You can bet more than that but first, test the waters with a small stake. If you stick to one horse all the time, then your odds of winning will be 33% which is favorable.

Virtual horse betting systems are different from other casino games in that you bet against other gamblers. In table games like poker or blackjack, a player plays against the house edge. Your bet will be placed in a pool depending on the type of wager you chose.

The normal or straight bets take three forms namely; Win, Place, and Show. The win bet is betting on a horse to win the race. The place wager means that your bet covers both the first and the second position. The show bet, on the other hand, shows that your horse might come in as number one, two or three.

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Get acquainted with the bets and choose the normal bets if you are a newbie. If you are not betting on the virtual horse racing betting sites, go to the window and make your bet.

Check your odds before making the final decision. After making the bet, you will be handed a ticket that you will be required to exchange at the window for money. Therefore, make sure that you keep it safely.


How to Join the Virtual Horse Racing Betting Websites?


The virtual horse racing betting systems sites requires one to sign up so as to gain full access to the site. If you are willing to test the site without signing up, you can use the guest option. There will be limitations as you will not be granted full access to the casino.

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To join a safe betting site, first, read the reviews from many sources. The reviews mention top sites that you can join. Open the casino website and click the sign-up button using your device. This action will prompt the site to open a questionnaire about your personal information.

When filling out the signup sheet, make sure to submit the correct personal information. At times, you might forget your password to access the site. In such an instance, you will be required to answer some questions concerning your account. When that information does not match, you will not be allowed to rest your password.

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When creating your password, combine letters, numbers and symbols to make it unpredictable. Make sure that you issue an active email as the verification link will be sent for you to verify the existence of your mailbox. Claim any welcome bonus offered on the site with the correct bonus code.

Go through the virtual horse racing betting site interface to familiarize yourself. Include the banking details and if possible you can make a deposit into your account. Do make sure that you learn the various odds and terms used in horse betting before you begin.


Horse Racing Betting Veterans


It takes time for one to master horse betting so, take your time and learn. Experts prefer the exotic or the multi-wager bets. Some of the strategies used by veterans are: first, they study all data concerning the horse they want to bet on.

Such information is essential in that one can tell whether the pony will be in a better position to win. Other data that is considered is the weather on that day, the horse's trainer, track conditions, equipment on the pony and its bloodline.

The Daily Racing Form offers the past performances of the horses. Carry with you that day’s paper so as to study the handicap information printed. Your wins can be maximized according to how you will combine your wagers. It is costlier but with high payouts depending on the odds you have chosen. 


Essential Betting Tools


There are some items that will come in handy at the virtual horse racing betting systems. First, you will need a fast and reliable internet connection. This connectivity will make it possible to access the website from anywhere.

Get yourself a copy of the race track program. This program contains all information on the horses, trainers, jockeys and owners. The Daily Racing Form is another essential tool that you will need. This form will provide information on previous performances of all horses in the race that day.

Helpful articles and handicapping information can also be found in the daily racing form. With such tools, you will be a better position to bet on your favorite horse without any difficulties.




There are many threats that emanate on a daily basis that target the virtual betting sites. To safeguard the gamblers from hacks, the casino owners have installed secure encryption systems. This firewall helps to prevent any unwanted applications from accessing any information on the servers.

The most common encryption level is the 128-bit SSL. It is also used in the banking industry, making the virtual betting sites safe. The technicians also monitor the virtual site for any unwanted or suspicious activity. You will be required to verify your identity If unwanted or suspicious is found in your account.

As a horse racing gambler in the virtual casinos, you need to observe some security protocol. If you are betting from your mobile device, it is essential that you log out your session, or you create a password to access the application.

Keep off any websites that are prone to hacks. Install an anti-virus program in your device to monitor all applications. If there is a malware or a virus, it will be removed making your device clean.


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