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How to Win at Horse Racing (Betting System)

Horse racing is a very entertaining sport that even allows the fans to take part through direct wagering. Getting to know the best way to choose how you place your bets will be of great benefit and will earn you profits in the long run. Additionally, it is essential that you know how to translate the odds and how to place the bets in horse racing.


The Racing Form: Decoding


In horse racing handicapping is the method of finding which horse has the highest probability to win the race. You need to practice on how to translate the racing form.

Grosvenor Horse Racing Watch and Bet

This daily racing form can be bought when you enter the race track. The form is made up of stats and figures, and when understood, it will be easier for you to choose the winning horse in the race.

Look at the Beyer speed figures at the start of the handicapping process. These numbers are in bold form in the daily racing form, and they indicate the previous performance of the horse.

The process of handicapping begins by betting on the horse that had won previously and removing those that have never obtained such figures. There are two numbers to consider when choosing your winning horse: the pace projections and speed projections.

The pace projections are the numbers that display the possibility of a horse to maintain the lead in the race. This projection is indicated on the daily racing form as the first bold-face number and is also known as pace. The speed projections are shown by the second bold-face number.

This projection is an indicator of the horse possibility to pass other horses in the race. After understanding the two projections, you will be in a better position than other newbie in learning how to win at horse racing betting.

It is necessary that you consider the racing distance in the bet. Players who have mastered how to win at horse racing system know that distance can affect the performance of a horse. The racing form will help you study the ponies, and you will be in a position to pick one that can maintain its position and improve therefore winning.

Understand the speed patterns of the horse at various distances to make the right choice. Consider also the weather and the condition of the track and the consistency of the horse in winning the races.


Types of Wagers in Horse Racing Bets


There are two categories of wagers that you can choose as you bet on the horses: exotic and straight bets. As a beginner, always go for the straight bets as they are straightforward and cheap. It is as simple as picking the order of the horses at the end of the race.

The exotic wagers, on the other hand, are multiple bets on different ponies in a single bet. For this wager, you need to have mastered how to pick your horses from the daily form, and they have high payout compared to the straight bets.

The straight wagers allow you to pick only one horse. The WIN bet implies that your horse will attain the first position and when that occurs, you can collect your win. The PLACE bet simply involves predicting the position of your horse at the end of the race; either the first or second position.

The payout is small compared to the WIN bet but when your horse attains a position higher than that you choose then you win the bet. SHOW bets are bets on whether your horse will reach either the first, second, or the third position. The across the board bet shows that your bet covers the WIN, PLACE and SHOW bets.

It is also referred to like the combo straight wager. Make sure that you understand the straight bets to decipher quickly how to win at horse racing system.

The exotic wagers allow your single bet to cover multiple horses. This bet has a huge payout, but the likelihood that you will win will be little. If you have not mastered the straight bets, the exotic wagers can be expensive and requires high skills in handicapping.

The EXACTA bet is a bet on two horses to attain the first and second position in that order. To avoid choosing the exact numbers, you can BOX your bet, and any of the horses can reach the two positions. The QUINELLA is a bet on two ponies to finish as the first and second without any order.

They, however, have to finish in the first two spots. The TRIFECTA is a bet on three horses on the first three positions in an exact order. The SUPERFECTA is a bet on four horses, and they have to attain the first four position for you to win.   


How to Win at Horse Racing System


To win the horse racing system, you need to understand how you can improve your game. To start with, learn how to track your records. Do not make any assumptions and always observe the daily racing form.

If you find trouble in understanding how it works, there are books that have been published on how you can learn the art of horse betting. Research the author of the book before purchasing to avoid scams. There are seminars held on a monthly basis on horse playing.

These forums are the best places you can learn how to win at horse racing betting. Ask the experts questions and ensure that you put their advice into practice. To practice responsible gambling bet with friends "parlay bet" to make it enjoyable.


Eligible Horse Betting Players: Gambling Age


The age limit in horse betting is 18 years according to the law in most places. You will be a to asked your age by issuing out your national identification card or your driver's license.

This age limit is not the in all the casinos. Due to that always look for disclaimers on age limit. If you are below the legal age, make sure that you do not engage in any gambling activities.


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