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The fascination of game lovers with fantasy leagues and virtual sports is increasing by the day. A wide range of betting is seen in the virtual sports events like horse racing and dog racing. These events take much less time than the real ones. It gives you the more chances to win by putting more bets in less time period.

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Different gaming sites have made a separate section of virtual sports on their home screens. Virtual horse results are displayed just after the accomplishment of the race.


Who Are the Main Providers of Virtual Horse Betting?


All the big four bookmakers of the United Kingdom provide virtual betting on their sites.  The opportunities are provided to the punters even after the coverage of the race to place wagers on racing.

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The race is watched on the TV screen thereafter. Small betting firms have also extended their business in this virtual betting. Some of the famous virtual horses racing tracks are following:


  • These tracks are provided by William Hill: Hope Park, Sandy Lanes, Canterbury Hills and Home Straights.

  • These tracks are provided by Ladbrokes: Steepledowns, Lucksin’Downs, Portman Park, and Sprintvalley.


Some of the greyhound tracks are following:


  • Millersfield, Mutleigh Cross, Brushwood and Trafton Park


The virtual races or matches that you watch are based on real life stadiums, pitches and tracks. Beautiful graphics and amazing sound quality with live commentary feel like you are standing next to the stadium or the race track. Some of the bookmakers have also provided the anthem song of clubs being sung by the fans.


What is a Virtual Horse Racing Betting?


The betting events where there is not any involvement of real sports events or its players are called as virtual betting. In this betting, you create your own fantasy team with a great knowledge of sports.

A balanced team or squad is formed by the team owners, and the game is played between these teams in a computer generated matches and leagues.



The sports involved in this kind of betting are football, horse racing, baseball, hockey and much more. This kind of betting has given additional betting opportunities to the punters.

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Virtual gaming provides an entertaining and delightful experience to the punters online. The results of the game like virtual horse results and other are generated by a computer algorithm.

The winners are picked up in a non-bias way. The results are fair and as per the performance of the players or owners on that particular bet.


What Makes Virtual Horse Betting Demanding?


Looking at the craze of sports and betting, the idea of virtual betting was introduced by the online sites. It was initially just an experiment of the online bookmaking industry.

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It had never thought of such huge success at the start of its life. But, now the virtual gaming or betting is at the peak. The number of bookmakers has been kept increasing who provides this kind of betting. The race is being seen as the big names of betting industry by providing excellent odds and other services to the punters.

As the game is played on the computer, the innovative and advanced graphics are added by the gaming sites to attract more of the customers to their platform.

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A quick finish of the race and bets are seen in the virtual bettings. It is virtual horse results or results of other sports events; the outcome comes within some prescribed time of completion of the game.


Advantages of the Virtual Horse Betting


Virtual sports betting have omitted the serious and the tensed environment during the betting events.

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It has made them entertaining and pleasant. The main advantages of the virtual sports betting are following:


  • This kind of betting is easy to play, and there is no need of the faintest idea of sports betting for the players. Any of the players can win the bet.

  • It is the best platform for the new beginners to practice before going for real bets.

  • The streaming of the matches and events are broadcasted in high-quality videos and a twenty-four hours streaming facility is made available by the gaming sites.

  • More chances of winning and more fun is there with the virtual sports betting as the races get completed within three minutes.

  • Virtual football betting is easy to start and to look at the craze of the game; you have the great opportunity to try your fate in betting industry.


Disadvantages of the Virtual Horse Betting


Besides a number of advantages, virtual sports betting have some disadvantages too, which are following:


  • In the virtual sports betting, players have a temptation to place more bets and spend more money due to the greater frequency of events or matches. It develops the addiction of gambling in the players.

  • This betting is virtual and less chance are available to analyze the matches or previous results. It takes away the kind of thrill with the sports betting.

  • In this betting, there is no need to study about the players or their performance; it takes the basic theory of the sports betting.

  • As this kind of betting involves a minimum risk and thrills; a community of gamblers do not like to play these bets.


Virtual sports betting also need a great involvement of satisfactory payment methods. The winners of the game are awarded the winning prize within minimum time.

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The option is available for the players to take their payment altogether or separately. A good support team is available on the sites to help the players to deal with recent changes in rules. The problems are solved through the emails, phone calls, and chats. The reviews of the customers are welcomed by the bookmakers.

A great analysis is done on those reviews or feedbacks to improve the services on the site. The experience of the customers is satisfactory and pleasant on most of the time with virtual sports betting. This betting industry is still in progress, and in the future, there are the chances that it can take over real gambling.


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