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Winning money in horse racing is all about betting intelligently and betting with the right information in place.

It would be pertinent to mention here that those who won thousands of even millions of pounds in horse racing have done so because of their ability to bet based on the information.

They spend a lot of time gathering information about the horse, its age if it is a handicap for certain races, its history in various events, the jockeys who are riding the horse and other things.

Further, there is also something known as horse racing bet calculator which also must be considered. This is where the money is, and you should know how to calculate the best bet based on these calculators.


Where to Look for Them?


Almost all sites which you come across will certainly have a link which talks about the bet calculation for horse racing.

The concept is simple if one can understand the same. It is about placing bets on the same stakes that are placing a bet of a certain amount for each selection.


Horse Racing Bet Calculator


However, there are some ground rules that have to be followed, and they are also not very difficult to understand and implement.

The number and amount of selections that you go in for are determined by the odds that the favorite enjoy. There have many punters who have won big money by placing the right bets based on the odds of various horses.

The odds of favorites in decimals are also something which must be kept in mind. This also will impact the number of horses to be betted upon and help in making a better calculation.


Some More Points to Keep in Mind


There are well-prepared tables and templates which one can act as wonderful guides when it comes to choosing the betting amount, the number of horses to be betted upon, the type of bet you would like to choose and so son.

The number of bets you can place on a horse, i.e. for places would depend on the odds that are being offered to the favorite.


Free Bet Calculator Horse Racing


The same odd usually applies to bets across different positions, and this should be taken as the guiding principle.

Once this has been understood, you can apply the same principle for any price which the favorite horse has. However, it should be within the odds displayed in the table as mentioned above.


Where to Look for the Information?


There are many places where one can find the information. If you are betting in a brick and mortar environment, you can take the help and assistance of local bookmakers who would have the table ready for you.

On the other hand, as mentioned earlier almost all major online bookmakers share the best possible information about the calculations.


Free Betting Calculator Horse Racing


You also could choose the right free bet calculator  horse racing tips from these sites which could work to your favor. Here is a look at a few such online sites which offer the best possible calculators.


Paddy Power Calculator


There is no denying the fact that for decades Paddy Power has been one of the best when it comes to betting on sports and horse racing is also an area where they are very actively present.

They, therefore, have a complete, holistic and exhaustive calculator bet which almost takes care of the entire aspect related to horse race betting. It could be related to double, treble, patent, Trixie, Lucky 31, Yankee, Accum and much more.

If you can spend some time on this website and understand the way, the bets are placed it will not be long before you can have a reasonably sound grasp about the various tips which could help you to do the calculations accurately.


Tab Info Calculator


This is another simple but highly effective online calculator which throws out the best possible results even for complicated and complex bets. It is totally automated, and you have just to follow the information and guidelines that have been set for you.

For the win, you have picked the number of the horse which you think will win the race. The same is the case for placing bets on places, whether it is first, second or third.


Horse Racing Bet Calculator Tab


Once this is done, you could select the field size. If you wish you could leave it as twelve which is the default setting.

You must select the winners in column 1 and talk about the winning amount, and the net result is shown by the automated system.

Hence, this certainly is a great way to simply find out about the possible permutations and combinations of bets. However, the efficacy is something which is under question per many experts in horse betting.


William Hill Calculator


There is no doubt that William Hill is one of the best online sites for sports-related betting. Hence it would not be a bad idea to find out what they offer in terms of such calculations.

They offer simple and easy to understand answers which talk about the basics of such calculations. They talk about the way in which these bets work, have useful tips for finding out the odds for and against certain horses and events and much more.


Horse Racing Bet Calculator William Hill


They are also known to share the right information on bets which are placed on Lucky 31 apart from giving some information about Yankee bet in horse racing, just to name a few.

They get information from various sources, and this certainly goes a long way in making them better than the most.




At the end of the day, there is no denying the fact that it would almost to win any horse racing without having a decent understanding as to how the horse racing bet calculator works on the ground.

You have to look up as many bookmakers as possible so that you are able to get the best based on the inputs that you get from the various sources.


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