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Cheltenham Horse Racing Results

What do you think, what is the most crucial part of winning big on horse race betting? If you ask this question to experienced gamblers, then it’s quite sure that 9 out 10 times that answer will be- handicapping.

Handicapping is nothing else but picking the winning horse. It may sound quite easy from outside, but any punter worth his salt knows how much dedication and research go into building handicapping skill.

If you are dreaming to bet on Cheltenham horse racing, then you should work on your ability to handicapping quite effortlessly.

The following points will definitely give you heads up to be a confident horse race gambler for an iconic event like Cheltenham Festival.

But not only that, but these suggestions are also applicable in general for all the other horse racing events in the world.


Cheltenham Horse Racing Festival


The Cheltenham Festival may run for only 4 days, but if you are dying to put your stake on the horse racing there, you must start doing your homework from 6 months earlier. It may sound bizarre at first, but the factor that tops our list for handicapping is- track condition.



Do you know that horses of USA are more comfortable to run on a hard surface while European horses are a quite pro running on soft tracks? Do get the past Cheltenham horse racing results and study thoroughly to gauge the track conditions and the performances of champion horses on it.

A site like Winning Ponies will definitely come handy if you are determined to teach yourself the implications of turf vs. dirt track. 

Though the online betting sites like OLBG, Sportinglife have made gambling easy from the comfort of home, they won’t give you any idea about the track condition. Visiting a real racecourse will do.


Cheltenham Horse Racing Results


Not only the Cheltenham horse racing results, but any outcome of a big racing tournament will show you that, how the training received by the horses determined their performances. So, the next big point would be to familiarize you with the renowned trainers of your local race courses.


Cheltenham Horse Racing Results


You may not be able to connect with the ones of Cheltenham horse racing, but soaking yourself into the association of people from similar profession shall give you some idea. Many horse racing trainers have their own fan clubs; social media account et al. Visit them often.

Not only that, but the internet is also full of sites that connect experienced horse racing gamblers to the newer ones. Exchanging ideas on horse training will go a long way to complete your self-paced training for handicapping.


Horse Racing Betting Systems


Exacta, Trifecta, and Quinella are familiar to you? If not, then dive straight into the chemistry of smart wagering in horse racing, especially if Cheltenham horse racing is your bull’s eye.

If you are a first-time gambler and wish to stick to the safe side, then a straight bet on a single horse should be your call.



On the other hand, if you are quite daring in nature and a risk taker, then the exotic bets (that are mentioned in the very first sentence!) will fulfill your need.

Whatever you choose, keep in mind that infinite greed can ruin your monetary condition totally. So, checking your temptation is a good step towards success.

Other than that, choose an online betting tips site that compensates you with loads of stellar deals and bonuses.


Find Your Niche


Whether you are planning to bet big on Cheltenham horse racing or make a base out of your local horse racing field; do keep note that it’s next to impossible to master both.

Like every other profession or persuasion, in horse racing too one should find his niche. There are some handicappers, who have an uncanny ability, to get their hands dirty in the big fields’ horse racing.

But rest feel puzzled to keep track of so many entrants in a single field. If you belong to the latter category, then make horse racing on smaller fields your niche.


Cheltenham Horse Racing


Listening to horse race commentaries, following the interviews of skilled jockeys and asking around to experienced gamblers will definitely make you more confident.

If you are intimidated with the large picture of horse racing, then you can always focus on a small subset to specialize in; like maiden horse race betting.

But be cautious about one fact, that there will be other punters who can try to influence your decision with ‘latest scoop.' You may even feel shaky time-to-time. Learn to shut off the noise and concentrate on your specialty.


Build An Eye for Any Changes


The world of horse racing is prone to changes all the time. In order to handicap like a pro, one must develop quite a knack to track down all these changes and analyze it thoroughly.

The first change you must notice is, that of the replacement of the trainer or jockey. Now there are thousands of gamblers who show more-than-necessary belief in the ability of the jockey and put their stakes in accordance to that.

But do remember one thing; a jockey is as good as its mount. A winning horse’s run can be jeopardized in the hands of a jockey with a bad spell.


Cheltenham Horse Racing Betting Sites


Similarly, if the horse has the sub-standard ability, no jockey in the world can make it run like a champion. So before putting your wager on the basis of a noteworthy jockey, you should check out his past performances on the same track.

Apart from the role of trainer, the medication changes in the horse’s diet can also hamper its ability to run on the race day, especially if the horse is consuming, either Laxis or Bute. By going through the past performance account of the horse, you will surely see how the pony ran with/without Bute (or Laxis) there, thus making your decision all the more informed.

Betting on prestigious horse racing event like Cheltenham Festival is a dream for many gamblers. But to materialize that dream, the art of handicapping needs to be mastered. There is no shortcut, as you have to get into the ground to learn the tricks.


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