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Horse Racing Cards for Saturday

Horse racing is adrenaline rushing and full of twists and turns. If you want to combine adventure with betting, then this is the perfect melting pot of these two. In below mentioned points, we will attempt to give you, the rookie bettor; a brief description about do’s and don’ts in horse racing. Your success is related to multiple factors to go right.

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Reading the cards for horse racing Saturday is as important as differentiating the different types of bets. Nobody can deny the role of luck and instinct in a highly unpredictable sport as horse racing. But you should be aware of technical fronts as well. In the following article, you will be provided with the brief guideline in 6 simple steps.


Learn, Why Horse Racing on Saturday is Good for You


The Saturday race is quite iconic in every country where horse racing is widely popular. If you are a novice bettor, then horse racing is the ideal starting point for you; because, this is the only sport, where the house doesn’t have the edge over you.



Rather your main rivals are your co-bettors. Whether you are planning to wager on horse racing from the comfort of your home or be present in the gallery for horse race cards for Saturday, the steps are easy to follow.


horse race cards for saturday


Another important source of information is Thoroughbred Sports Network (TSN). By sticking to it, you will find daily updates on variables like- track condition, the line odds, the names and breeds of the horse, respective jockeys and so on.


horse racing cards for saturday


All these may sound too intimidating to you initially, but once you go down the route, you will witness that the total course of action in horse racing is as simple as deciphering the horse racing on Saturday cards. All you need is a sprinkling of luck and a solid strategy.


Go Through Different Wagering Types


The beauty of horse racing resides with the fact that, it accommodates both the risk-taking and risk-averse bettors with equal élan. If you are happy with small bets and modest payouts, then the straight wager is the way.

Here, you will put your stake on a single horse and it supposes to do only one among these three things - either win or place or show.



Horse racing cards for Saturday will present to your different race cards with a description of horses, riders, time schedules and odds. If you are rooting for straight bets, then remember this simple rule:


  • ‘Win’ means you succeed when your horse comes first.

  • ‘Place’ means your triumph, when your pony is 1st or 2nd.

  • ‘Show’ is your gain when the horse comes in 1st, 2nd or 3rd.


On the other hand, the exotic wagering is for those, who dare to take risks. Exacta, Trifecta, Superfecta, Head-to-Head, are some of the examples of exotic bets. To know what each of them stands for, you need to Google. Just reading the horse racing cards Saturday won’t do.


Select a Bookmaker After Thorough Research


A bookmaker is as valuable a part of your horse racing journey as horse racing on Saturday cards. If you are quite serious about betting, then Betfair should be your first choice. Remember that; Betfair is not a betting website rather it’s a betting exchange.

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Though the betting agency tends to have the edge over the punter, but in Betfair, this margin is thinnest. Similarly, you will get the fantastic chance to wager in-running. If you are in horse racing for short term only, then Paddy Power, as well as Bet365, should be your two top picks.


horse racing on saturday cards


To maximize your profit, you must sign up with multiple bookies in the market. Compare the bonuses and other discounts they have, on the plates. Also, select a bookie that displays the values of the odds during the night time, before the horse racing Saturday. 


Study the Variables


The outcome of your wager in horse racing is directly linked with multiple variables. The performance of the horse is undoubtedly the number one among them.

But don’t forget the importance of track conditions, weather forecasts, a form of the jockey in recent past, and the work history of the trainer. Sticking to the horse racing cards for Saturday is not enough.


horse racing saturday


You must listen to radio frequently, read the betting section every day on newspaper, and follow official twitter handles of major tournaments. Some horses run well on the muddy ground while the others are more suited to fast track and hilly terrains.

Not only for horses but horse racing cards Saturday is a good source to check out the new entrants as jockeys and trainers.

Right now, the rookie jockeys with fire-in-the-belly attitude or the trainers-with-the-experiences-in yards are doing wonders in racing tracks. So, in order to win a lump sum, you don’t need to go for bigger names always.


What Blunders Should You Avoid?


The blunders that you must avoid in horse race betting are quite varied. Some stem out of not reading the racing form book thoroughly. On the other hand, if a bettor harbors a dislike for a certain horse, it can also cloud his judgment. Don’t reserve your biases only for the first-row horses, or a jockey from your ethnicity.

Though the front row horses flaunt a cumulative 35% chance of winning the race, many times, horses from the next lines, emerge out as victors. Go through your horse racing on Saturday cards carefully, before taking a decision.

Another major seed is wagering on every race on a given day. We know that sometimes you get so spoiled with choices in horse racing that it becomes a hard task to keep your head steady and be picky with race selection.

But to save your bankroll and cut back on losses, read horse race cards Saturday thoroughly and choose only one or two races based on your instinct. Horse betting is a skill that you need to hone continuously.

Watching horse racing, reading experts’ guidelines, keeping track on master trainers, and shutting your ears to industry gossips – should be included in your to-do list to become a master gambler.


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