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UK Horse Racing Odds

Horse is racing is a very popular sport in the United Kingdom. Horse owners and fans from far and wide flock to the arenas to watch their favorite horses win big races: principal among these crowds are the ever-present gamblers.

Some of the fastest of all time as well as the debutants the debutants are always present in the same center stage making uk horse racing a formidable betting market for the British.


UK Horse Racing Odds


The Saturdays have always been big for the teams and the gamblers.  The Boundsy in the Clare Bar Novice Auction Stakes are expected to release the two year olds for their first races. This opens a tricky situation for betting since debutants can pull surprises.

Gabrial’s king and Gabrial’s Star that finished fourth and fifth last year at the Chester Cup but are still struggling to make any breakthrough this year are running in the Doenload The Free Attheraces App Handicap with hope that one will pick a penalty and stand a chance of getting in.

The two seem to be in great form by the look of things and it is a true possibility. Another one is Jack who ran well at Catterick previously and marvels at slower grounds is also here. This horse increasingly decides when it is a going day and when not making it hard to get a line for it.

He is among the runners at the RiponBET Place6 Lucky Dip Handicap. Imshivalla won at Redcar pulling a total surprise. It has been on top form and is also a horse to watch.  Alben Star is a high weight but the going is rough for him in this season.

Tatlisu is another horse that requires a lifetime best to capture this win and Ripon could possibly be a case of horses for courses. Growl has been off the limelight for a while now and this may be his comeback race. Flowing Clarets won as a debutant last year but was disappointing at Wolverhampton.

She has had ordinary times over the spring but seems ready to run and is given the Traditional Family Funday Sunday 15th May Handicap. Early is also in this category though he is filly like. She was lucky to win on her last start at two at Catterick and her interesting style of running may just win her this one.

Now to Haydock and the ApolloBet Daily Racing Refunds Handicap, where Withernsea is drawn highly but the ground is drying out and this is disadvantageous to him. Right Touch ran interestingly in the spring when everyone expected him to run well.

He did totally nothing: it is as if he hated the ground. Well, he has a second chance and his home form is astonishing. Gabrial’s Kaka bounced back at Chelmsford and would also be a favorite. Black Magic, Farham and Darrington are also strongly in the race and this one is proving to be a big one.


Advantages of UK Horse Racing Betting


Horse racing is a very popular betting point for many people and it is the true definition of luck. Horses are living creatures with moods and feeling of their own and situations like simply hating the ground or developing preference for a specific type are very common.

This makes betting more interesting and the odds are fairly high for a number of the horses. The uk horse racing odds are set according to the previous events of the horses and their current form.

This is however not practical since other factors can affect the animal leading to a positive or negative turn of events. The horses with the highest of odds can pull surprises on the racing day therefore leading to big wins.

Betting on horse racing is also a very passionate affair as compared to sports and politics. People mainly bet for the horses of their liking, either they own the horse or have developed a certain affiliation towards it. This makes betting more sincere and more linked to the support of the hose which makes it interesting.

Sports and politics betting has seen people betting for the people, teams or political parties they detest making the joy of winning a good and bad feeling.

Horse racing is also a favorite sport for many people in the UK and betting just spices up the love affair. Have you ever seen how people follow the races with passions and anxiety, well you may thing that it is the horse they love but it may be more than that, money is a key motivating factor.

It is also very easy and convenient to bet on horse racing in the UK. There are betting shops in the stadia as well wide coverage on online sites. Rarely do people simply watch horse racing without placing something on the table.

It is also flexible with players ranging from the high roller risk stakes to the medium range to the penny players. No matter how low or high you stake, the fun and entertainment is the same.

The uk horse racing odds are also pretty high compared to other sports hence all types of players can win a sizeable amount of money without having to stake big, however, the bigger the better they say, stake big win big.




Horse racing is one of the most difficult events to predict. Sports can be hard but horse racing is tough. The analysis can be totally wrong depending on the moods of the horse.

Words like love and hate are common in horse racing analysis and it may just be difficult to predict the prevailing condition of the horse considering it cannot express its feelings.

Secondly, there are few online casinos that offer horse racing markets and this lowers its availability. The sport is famous but only in selected countries and regions. This limits the market for the horse racing odds unlike politics and football that attract worldwide attention.

If you are a big fan of horseracing, then you better put yourself in the betting markets and stand a chance of winning big from your favorite horse.


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