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Horse Results for Today

Horse racecourse is one of the oldest places of betting and throughout the world, there are lots of racing ground which has become the heritage of that city and country. The experienced gamblers wait for horse results for today, and the result may make their day or break it.

After all, this is the game of luck. But, if today’s horse results in horse racing raise interest in you for the same, you can go through the tips we are sharing for the beginners. If you are the new player on the racing ground, you should follow these guidelines to get experienced soon.


Why Horse Racing?


It is obvious that you will raise this question. Even, there are lots of youths who feel horse racing something serious and sophisticated and only for a specific class of society.


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That is not entirely true, actually. You can have fun and hang out with your buddies on horse race ground while letting the adrenaline flow free.

If you don’t like the smoky and mysterious environment of casinos and want to fly free under the bright sunlight, racing ground is your place.

You can win or lose, but, you will definitely have the enjoyment and excitement. Even, if you take your date to a place which is sophisticated yet not expensive, there is no better place than this.


Types of Horse Racing Bets


Before trying your luck on the racecourse, you should know the details of the betting style.


horse results for today


Betting on horse racing can be divided into two categories:

Straight Wagers: Experts always suggest going for this one when you are a novice. This style of gambling is cheap and easy. Just pick one horse that will take one position of top 3. In maximum tracks, the minimum amount of straight wager starts from $2.

Exotic Wagers: Here, with a single wager you can bet several times on several horses. The difficulty level is much higher than a straight wager, and players need enough experience, skill, and strategy in selecting horses. As it is more difficult and expensive, the payoffs are greater than the straight wager.


Short Review of Straight Wagers


If you are a beginner and just started visiting the racecourse, you must have ideas about the terms of the gambling. The straight wager is for beginners which quite easy and you can start it only from $2. Let’s find out how straight wager works:

  1. Win: This means you are betting that your horse will finish at first place. If it does so, you can collect.


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  1. Place: Betting on your horse to ‘place’ means you are assuming that it will come first or second. If the result matches to your assumption, you can collect. It is true that the payout is little less in place bet than win wager, but, here you get the security to cash in the winning amount if your horse finishes in first or second place.
  2. Show: here; you are betting on that your horse will come first, second or third. As you hedge your bet in this stage, your chance of winning will be more. Remember, the payout is much lesser that win or place wager.
  3. Across the Board: This betting style is also popular as ‘Combo Straight Wager’ as this is the combination of all the three types of the straight wager. You are betting across the board means you are assuming that your horse will get the win, place, and show, altogether. As it is the combination of other three bets, it is more expensive than the previous ones. But, experts say that this is not a profitable option as it is expensive and the payouts are lesser.
  4. Win/Place, Place/Show: You can place your bet on win and place. If your horse comes first, you get the win and place money. If your horse comes only second, you get only the place money. This is similar in the case of place and show money. If your horse finishes first or second, you can collect place and show money, but if it comes third, you will only get the show money.


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Exotic Wager


This betting style is more difficult than a straight wager, but this also increases your potential profit. The essential tips on exotic wager are:

  1. Exacta: You know, you can bet on multiple horses with a single wager. In exacta, you can bet on two horses to come first and second consecutively. For example, if you bet $2 on horse 4 and 5, the 4 must have come first, and the 5 must be the second. Though it is quite difficult and only experienced horse handicappers can do this, the payouts are lucrative. You can also ‘box’ your exacta which means your horses can in any order in the top 2 spots and you can still win.



  1. Quinella: With this bet, your horse can come in any order to the first two places. If your horses get the top two spots, you win. Maybe the system of ‘box’ exacta and quinella seem equal; the big difference is in cost.
  2. Trifecta: Here, you bet on three horses to come first, second and third in exact order. You can also box your trifecta and then your horses can come in any order to the first three positions, and you will still win.
  3. Superfecta: Bet on four horses to finish in the first, second, third and fourth position in the exact order. Like exacta and trifecta, you can box here also. Here, the minimum bet starts from 10 cents sometimes which makes it more appealing to the gamblers.

Hopefully, you get enough tips on horse race gambling. If you are free this weekend, experience the atmosphere and try your luck.


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