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Amongst the various gambling sports, there is no doubt that horse racing without any doubt is one of the most popular and widely followed. It is quite likely that each year billions of dollars are betted and staked by millions of horse racing fans and enthusiasts.

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While many do it just for fun, there are thousands who are serious gamblers and are into it as a serious profession. Whether you are a fresher or an experienced horse racing punter, the onus lies on you to follow some certain principles and practices. We will try and learn about ways by which one can predict horse racing results reasonably accurately.


Choosing the Right Bookmaker Is Important


There are thousands of online and brick and mortar bookmakers. The onus lies on the customers to find out ways and means by which they can choose the right service provider. Though there are hundreds of such bookmakers, there are reasons to believe that choosing Paddy Power Games could be a nice decision. This is because of various reasons.


Paddy Power Horse Racing Results


First and foremost, they are reputed, well known and have won the trust and confidence of thousands of customers across the world. Secondly, when it comes to horse racing, they have some of the best methods of giving a correct prediction making them different from others.

Hence, it is not surprising that many customers prefer to opt for Paddy Power horse racing results. We will try and find out a few valid reasons as to why they are a cut above the rest when it comes to predicting horse racing results.


There Are No Guaranteed Results


There is no foolproof way by which one can predict horse racing results accurately. There is an element of good luck, chance and fortune involved.


Paddy Power Horse Racing Last Results


However, when you get attached with bookmakers like Paddy Power, you can be sure that they do a lot of research on the horses, jockeys, the handicaps if any, the previous track records and the specific circuit in which they are running. 

They use a lot of permutations and combinations to ensure that the closest possible analysis is made. This is perhaps a big differentiating point when it comes to analyzing and predicting the outcome of horse races.


They Understand Probability Much Better


Another big reason as to why they are different from others is because they are able to understand the theory of probability much better. This is because they have a huge database of information based on which they can take the right decision.


Paddy Power Full Horse Racing Results


They know reasonably well as to correctly predict the when, where, how and why of almost each and every horse and jockeys which take part in the various horse races across the world.

This is extremely important because a combination of accurate prediction of probability and a scientific analysis of the pros and cons of horses is what makes the entire prediction correct and to the point.


They Know How to Short List the Horses


Another big reason as to why they are different from others is because they are in a much better position to shortlist the number of horses to a select few.

This helps the punter to concentrate a few horses rather than being stuck with at least eight to ten horses. This is a great way to accurately predict the winning horse and also for those who are seeking places in major races.


They Have the Best Collection of Results


There is one more reason as to why Paddy Power horse racing results are considered so very special. They are able to offer live results of horse racing across the board. Whether it is horse racing in the United Kingdom or other countries of the world, punters and bettors can be sure that they will get the latest and current results.


Paddy Power Horse Racing Results Cambridge


Hence, it would be interesting to have a look at a few of the results which they have declared in their websites. This is just one of the many dozens of results which are available on the website of Paddy Power.

It will help customers to have a reasonably good insight into the kind of reach and power they have when it comes to identifying the right results across a wide spectrum.


30th December 2016 Horse Racing Results


As we read this article, the results for a variety of races held on 30th December 2016 are out on the website of Paddy Power. Let us have a look at a few of them over the next few lines.


  • Cambridge Race I: They have announced the results of this race, and the winner is Amalda’s Slur, followed by Te Kouka Success in the 2nd place, and One Bid Buys in the third place. The respective jockeys are Brent Mongoa, Mike Nicholas, and Megan Teaz.

  • Corowa: This reasonably popular race saw S. Costamony come in the first place and it was jockeyed by J. Duffy. It had an odd of 18/1 for winning the position, and therefore it must have made quite a few people rich on took the risk on this horse. 2nd in the list was Just A Bullet and Dalrada which were jockeyed by C Macfarlane and L King respectively.



The Final Word


The above are just a few examples of the many hundreds of horse races that are held across the length and breadth of the country.


Paddy Power Horse Racing Results Corowa


The best way to know more about the results instantly is to pay a visit to their website and look up the results by choosing the specific horse races, time, date, etc. Hence, it is possible for the customers to go through an advance search and then come out with the right horse racing results in which they have a stake by way of betting money.

Apart from the above, they also offer a lot of other useful and pertinent information which goes a long way in helping customers to have better information about the various races, the timings, the climatic conditions, the favorites, the dark horses and other such things.


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