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Horse Betting Tips for Beginners

People from all over the world have been horse betting on the different outcomes of the races since the horses begun running. Placing your bet on the outcome of a formal race has proven to most players to be exciting and profitable at the same time, especially to those who know what they are exactly doing.

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Horse betting tips for beginners offers you a lot of horse betting tips that will help you better your odds including additional horse betting tips that will help you with the types of horse bets that you can place, your chances of winning as well as the mechanics of placing the horse bet.


Horse Betting Tip #1: How Do You Place A Bet On A Horse Race?


Placing a horse bet isn’t a difficult process as many might think. In most cases, you will place your horse race bet, take your ticket and wait for the outcome of the game. In most instances if you are a lucky player, you will take back your ticket to the window to collect your winnings.

In other instances, you may end up tearing your ticket if the bet does not pay off. You can follow the procedure below to place a horse race bet:

  • In your bet, state the name of the racetrack

  • Indicate the number of race you are betting on

  • State the amount that you wish to put at stake

  • State the type of bet you want to make. This can either be a single bet or a multiple bet that involves few horses.

  • State the number of the horses that you wish to place your bet on and take your ticket.


Horse Betting Tip #2: The Betting Tools That You Will Need at the Horse Races


Along with your umbrella or hat, you may need a couple of other things while at the racetrack while betting on horses.

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You may also need a pair of binoculars so that you can easily keep track of the horse that you’ve placed your cash on while in action. Additionally, the tools in this list will prove to come in handy while placing your bets:

  • The handicapping tip sheets: These are a daily selection that is published by different handicappers at the tracks. They usually cost around £2. However, be keen on who you buy the sheets from. Only select a dealer who has a good track record of having accurate tips.

  • The Public Handicapper selections: If your off-track betting (OTB) or racetrack is covered by the local newspaper, they may have to pay the handicapper to choose daily horse selections. In most cases, it will cost you a quid.

  • The Racetrack Program: Just like the football schedule, the racetrack program will usually have information on all the race events. This information can include the major events and the name of players and horses

  • The Daily race Forum can also provide you with the past performance of the various horses running on the racetrack on that particular day. In most cases, it will cost you up to £4 for a copy.


Horse Betting Tip #3: How do you place a show parlay bet on the horse races?


Did you accompany a group of friends at the racetrack and you are all betting? A fun and interesting way to place your bets on horse races, which will involve everyone in your party, is using the group show parlay.

This is how it works. Have every person in your click to ante up £5, and pool the total money. Every person will have to pick a race and a horse to bet to show. Place your first bet and if you win the bet, parlay the money on another race and horse. Your winnings can accumulate very quickly.

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For instance, if you are a group of four guys with each player placing a £20 bet, and every player wins a £3 show price, you will end up with £101 after just four races.


Other Helpful Horse Betting Tips


When you are at the racetrack placing your bets on horse races, you shall be looking yourself in the best position for winning, aye?

Horse Betting Tips for Beginners

Of course, you are, and in fact, the stats and facts in this list will help you increase your chances of winning:

  • Place your bets on a jockey who is placed in the top ten jockey standings. In most cases, they will always win 90% of the horse races.

  • At each racetrack, there is a simulcast TV commentator who will always handicap as the races continue. Listen and see if you may pick any helpful tip to place your bet on.

  • Favorite horses will always win about 33% of the games, although at very low profits.


Final Points


Always keep in mind that there is no single correct way that you can pick your selection. The horse betting tips for beginners provided above are just some insight into the kind of points that we think, as professionals, you should be looking at, and this may be a very good starting point for you.

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There may be other factors that you may want to look at instead of, or in addition to the facts that have been listed above.

Also, as you spend more and more time on the horse racing betting, you will uncover more statistics that are far more relevant as compared to others. At this point, experience will be playing a very big role as you have the chance of fine-tuning your evaluations based on your own understanding and skills.

Additionally, you can come up with a simple strategy or system that will help you increase your chances of winning. Having very good records will help you achieve this, and it is, therefore, vital that you keep accurate and detailed records of the same.


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