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Horse Racing 2000 Guineas Betting

If you are a horse racing enthusiast and would like to be a part of the best horse racing events, then it makes sense to spend some time going through this article.

There is no doubt, which amongst the many horse races that are famous in the country today 2000 Guineas are hugely popular. It is one of the few Group 1 flat horse races in Great Britain which is open to three-year thoroughbred colts.

The race is a 1 mile, and the races usually held the end of April or early May. Hence, it would be interesting to find out more about the history of this race


Horse Racing 2000 Guineas Betting


As the flat season got going, the 2000 Guineas betting also started in the right earnest. There were thousands who were rushing to the online and brick and mortar bookmakers to bet on their favorite horse because they were keen on making some fast bucks through some well-planned prediction of the outcome of the various matches.

Hence, it would be interesting to have a look at the last season and based on the same the serious punters and could get some idea as far as this year’s racing is concerned.


There Was Big Prize Money


One of the main reasons as to why it makes to go in for this derby is because it offers some of the best prize money.

Last year it was around £250,000, and this year it is expected to be more. As most of us would be aware, the race run over the Rowley Mile at New Market.



If you wish to be a serious player, then it is important for you to have some reasonably good idea regarding the right predictions, tips, best odds, free bets and no deposit bonuses.

Last year the betting was headed by Alden O’Brien’s trained horse the Gleneagles. However, it did not go well with him because one of his trained horses had to face disqualification for some wrong doing.

However, this year there are reasons to believe that Gleneagles would have shrugged off that black spot and given the fact that it is a quality horse, a lot of hope pinned on it.


Ol’Man River


It is another horse which is trained by O Brien, and it also is being talked about quite a bit. Ti is an Irish Colt, and it has a stunning two wins from two outings.


2000 Guineas Betting


He has been able to win the prestigious Beresford Stakes, and though he might be lacking the experience of Gleneagles he is very much in the reckoning, and it would be better to respect him for his youth and natural talent that are too obvious to be missed.




Estidhkaar is considered by many to be a market moving horse, and this is because his wins during the year 2016 in general and 2015 have been stunning, to say the least.

It would be pertinent to mention that as far as 2015 concerned, he won a hat-trick of a win in the year 2015, and, therefore, this performance would always be working on the back of the mind of punter and bookmakers.



It is one of the main reasons as to why this horse continues to enjoy one of the best odds as far as the year 2017 is concerned.

There are many experts, who believe, that it might spring a surprise or too and therefore is worth watching very closely.




Those who have followed some famous races in the years 2016 and 2015 would most certainly have quite a few things to talk about Intilaaq.

It is not yet sure whether it will be a part of this year’s 2000 guinea racing, but if it does take part, it will certainly queer the pitch and make matters tough for many.


Horse Racing 2000 Guineas Betting


It would be pertinent to mention here that Intilaaq had recorded a massive eight lengths won sometime last year. Before that, he also brought off many impressive wins and that too my big margins and lengths.

He is talented with a natural speed and is best suited for a mile race. However, if one goes by the various reviews, he is good enough for much longer races.

Hence, when it comes to horse racing 2000 Guineas betting there are reasons to believe that it could be one of the favorite horses to bet on though the odds may not be very much in his favor.




It is a French horse, and it won an important victory in the Group 3 Prix De Fontainebleau which held last year. Additionally, he also had a few other important achievements to his credit in the previous years.

Therefore, when all the above factors considered, there are reasons to believe, that it could be one of the many favorites, and this is borne out by the fact, that it continues to enjoy a reasonably favorable odd and this might go up further as the day of the race nears.



Apart from the above, there are many other horses too which are quite likely to do well in this betting Derby. Therefore, if you are serious would like to know more about the various other favorite horses you must spend some time and gather as much information as possible.

There are many such sources of information available. There are reviews on the internet from experts which could come in very handy.

Additionally, you also could take the help of famous bookmakers and online gaming sites, which regularly feature the latest odds position and talk at length about the various results of the big horses which are likely to take part on this horse.




You also must spend some time getting to know more about the possible and probable weather conditions. It is important because it could have a negative or even positive impact on various horses as far as their performances are concerned.


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