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Where to Find UK Horse Racing Results?

Excelling in any form of betting requires you to stay updated with events of the field in which you are betting.


  • For example, if you are involved in political betting, then you must constantly watch the news on your television or read news articles on the internet that cover major political events that may influence the outcome of whatever it is that you have placed your bet on.


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A similar argument can be made for football betting. Keeping track of the results of football matches is much easier since it is a sport that everybody loves to watch and follow. When it comes to horse race betting in particular, staying updated can be slightly challenging.

Horse racing is neither as popular as football, nor is it as significant as politics. Despite that, there are a number of ways in which you can stay in touch with the results of horse race betting.


Horse Racing Results and Horse Racing Betting


Staying updated on horse racing betting is of great importance to horse racing punters. There are two main reasons why experienced punters would advise you to keep an eye on the results of horse race betting.


Have Fun While Claiming Your Winnings


The first one is really simple. Unless you are aware of what the results of the match are, you will not be able to find out whether you have won the bet that you have placed or not.


  • For example, if you have made a simple bet on a horse called Candy to win the race, then you need to tune into the horse racing match or find out the results online in order to make sure that Candy has indeed won the race ahead of the other horses.


Not only is this important for claiming the winning of your bet, but it also adds to the excitement and thrill of horse racing betting.


Analyze Results for More Informed Bets


The second reason why you need to be in touch with horse racing results is a little more complicated. Focusing on the results of matches that you have bet on is important, but that cannot be your only task should you plan on attaining huge success in horse racing betting.

A good horse racing punter will always take a look at the outcome of other races, even the ones that he or she has never been involved in. This helps the punter to increase his or her knowledge of horse racing, which is absolute essentially to making money in this form of betting.

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Once the results are noted down, you can analyze the results and come up with your assessment of the strengths and weakness of different horse and jockeys. This analysis will be worth its weight in gold in the not so distant future.

Checking the results of other races is a part of the research that you must conduct before placing your bets. The knowledge you will gain here will be of great help when placing your next bet on a different race.

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In other words, the more results you keep track of, the more informed you will be on which horse racing betting markets are favourable for you.


Top 3 Places to Find Horse Racing Results in the UK


There are plenty of websites in the United Kingdom that cover news on all kinds of horse racing from around the world. Since there is such great variety on offer, it can often be quite difficult to make your pick. Some of the more mediocre websites provide insufficient results that do not contain all the details about the race.

If you are interested in analyzing the results, you will need extensive details about specific events during of the race. Then again, there are those websites which provide faulty or inaccurate results that can confuse you and may even cost you the winnings of your bet.

To make sure that you do not end up visiting below par websites, here is a list of reliable places in the United Kingdom where you can find all the horse racing results you need.


BBC Sport


Every person living in the United Kingdom knows about the British Broadcasting Corporation. It is arguably the most authoritative source of news in Britain, and has an internationally acclaimed and loved news channel. Therefore, logging into BBC’s website for horse racing results should be an easy choice for you.

BBC Sport Horse Racing Results

The BBC website has web pages dedicated to sports. You will find the horse racing section of their news within those web pages. Once you find the webpage for horse racing, you will be greeted with a plethora of horse racing results from all parts of the UK and even the Republic of Ireland.

The results are published in detail and are headlined by the name of the events. You can event change the on the web page to reveal the results of past events that you may have missed out on.


Racing Post


When you have a site as highly lauded as BBC to check on your horse racing results, you normally would not need any other website to keep you updated on what’s going on in the world of horse racing.

Racing Post Horse Racing Results

However, the reason why Racing Post makes it in this list is because of the extra value it offers in terms of the details in its results.

Anything and everything that you need to know about any race going on in the United Kingdom will be published in this website explicitly. There is also a Runners Index that provides further information and analysis on the race.


Racing Results


Finding out the results of a specific race from the countless that are posted on a website can be quite a hectic job. As a matter of fact, one of the reasons why punters are so reluctant to check on results is because of how much stress reading the unorganized information exerts on their eyes.

UK Racing Results

This is where Racing UK can be a breath of fresh air. Their well designed website with visually appealing graphics makes it an absolute delight for punters to find out the results of races.


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