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Royal Ascot: Horse Racing Results

When it comes to the horse racing, Ascot Horse Racing is the first name that came into the mind of race-lovers. Ascot is one of the most popular racing in England and also throughout the world.

Before knowing the Royal Ascot Horse Racing Results, you should have an idea about the exotic ‘Royal Ascot.'

People, who love horse racing, come every day to visit the horse races and the Ascot Horse Racing results make or break the days of many of them.



But, one weekend is very special, and that holds the name, ‘Royal Ascot.' It is a grand and royal event where you can spend your weekend lavishly and enjoy the Royal Ascot Horse Racing Results today. But, where to watch?

How can you put a bet on racing? What is the dress code? To know all these nooks and corners of Ascot Horse Racing, go through the overview we have presented here.


Royal Ascot: Horse Racing Results


To enjoy Ascot Horse Racing Results in the UK, you must know when to attend this majestic event. Royal Ascot is celebrated for 5 days with different types of races and cups to win.

The event starts from 16th June, Tuesday and from the beginning day; it attracts bettors and visitors in numbers. It is quite obvious that the opening ceremony must be grand of such a royal event and people wait eagerly to attend this to get accustomed to the atmosphere.



Wednesday has separate importance as this is the day of gamblers. If you want to gamble on horses, this day brings the best chance for you where the stakes raise and winning and losing happens more on this day than any other days of Royal Ascot.

Thursday is the famous day for beautiful ladies in classy apparels and high heels. A beautiful sunny summer day can be gorgeous with the presence of sexy and royal ladies on the ground.

Men are also allowed on this day. So, if you want to see the horses run and the beautiful ladies cheering for them, Thursday is the best day for you.


Ascot Horse Racing


Friday and Saturday are for youths. Energetic young people revolve around the ground. With a following lazy Sunday, they have no work pressure and can enjoy over drinks and race.

Soon, the atmosphere becomes electrified, and the adrenaline rush makes them more vibrant as the time passes.
So, you can summarize this whole event like this:


  • Tuesday is for civilized atmosphere,

  • Wednesday is for hardcore gambling;

  • Thursday is for fashionable ladies,

  • Friday and Saturday are definitely for partying.


Choose your purpose to be presented on the Royal Ascot and have fun.


How to Place Your Bet on Ascot?


If you are a regular gambler of racing ground, you know the rules and regulations of betting. The Royal Ascot is no different from that.

Here also you need to run to the bookmakers stand and hunt around in search of the best odds. But, all this running business keeps you so busy that you can’t socialize well; and even you can’t concentrate on your drinks.

Why not take advantage of the modern technological facilities? Do you have a smart phone? Then, you can easily bet on Royal Ascot 2015 with William Hill by using their app.


Ascot Horse Racing Results


You just need to tap on the right places of your phone and you are done. Enjoy your cocktails and hang out with your buddies.

While it comes to make betting strategy, that is completely up to you. Study the statistics of previous races and know which horse is leading the season. You can bet on it and try your luck.


The Best Watching Spot


  • You have the galleries around the whole racing ground to have the best panoramic view. There are also several numbers of grandstands, but the best view is from the places of bookies.

  • Again, the finish line gets the most crowds as everyone is eager to know the result.

  • But, the visitors always aim for the ‘Royal Enclosure’ as this is the place for VIP and celebrities. This area is secured only for members and their guests.

  • This place is restricted for those people who have any past criminal records or records of bankruptcy.

  • Another exclusive feature of this ‘Royal Enclosure’ was that no divorcees were allowed here. But, this rule is no longer applicable. But, there is no change in case of other rules and regulations.

  • There is also Queen Anne Enclosure which gives you the first-rate view of the races, and you can cheer for the winner heartily.


Dress Code of Royal Ascot


Yes, now that’s very exciting. If you are a lover of fashion, the dressing and fashion style of Royal Ascot will surely mesmerize you.



Let’s see how fashionable people present themselves in this grand event:


  • A hat is mandatory. If you ever visit Royal Ascot without a hat, it is evident that you’ll get dirty looks from the aristocrats. Wear beautiful flower arrangements or creative hats to appear unique and beautiful.

  • Say big no to any short dress that ends above your thigh. No halter neck tops or crop tops that reveal your tummy is allowed here.

  • Your fashion should be sophisticated and modest. T-length or knee length dresses with modest cuts and fittings will go the best with the mood of this event.


Hopefully, you get enough information about the Royal Ascot Horse racing. While you are in England, spend one weekend at Ascot and you will get a lifetime experience for sure.


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